Holding the key points of skin care by moisturizing making it easier in the winter

Guide: It ls low temperature and small humidity in winter, with most of the skin feeling dry due to lower  secretion of sweat glands and losing more moisture . Thus the skin is longing for more moisture nourish eagerly. Making good use of moisturizing can keep away small dry lines .



Skin care habits adjustment:


1, We should process moisturizing before going to work, especially strengthening protection on the edge of the lip, canthus and nails which is easily got dry. Of course, please so also remember to put on suncream .


2, Try not to wash your face with hot water of relatively high temperature. If you feel uncomfortable to use the cold water, you can use warm water , and no foam cleanser for sensitive skin can choose in order to  reduce the burden.


3, The circulation of whole body gets slow during the winter. You can massage your facial skin frequently with your hands rubbing warm every night before going to bed, then applying upon your cheeks for 1 minute. Using the after heat massage all over your face to promote blood circulation and ease facial aging.



Common sense of skin care products use


1, Please avoid using alcohol cosmetics,such as toner or astringent containing alcohol. Because alcohol volatile will bring away the moisture and oil within skin. You can change with moisturizing toner.


2, Try to prevent indoor temperature from being too high, which will relatively reduce indoor humidity and  accelerate moisture loss on the skin.


3, Remember to use moisturizing products after bath immediately, to prevent dryness and itching of the skin. You ‘d better apply moisturizing skin care products as the body not fully dry out ,to lock up the moisture.

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