There’s nothing worse than oily skin. If you love makeup, fighting oily skin after a long day is the worst. We all have busy lives and it’s no secret that even the best makeup brands don’t last from brunch through to your weekend drinks with the girls. In fact, most days my makeup is already melting off by lunchtime! I find this to be especially true when it’s extra hot outside or when I’m traveling a lot. But what causes our makeup to do this? And how can we fix it?

Long-Lasting Makeup Tips

Oily skin can be difficult to deal with, even on the best of days. While it’s unknown what exactly causes it, many studies show where you live can play a factor. Places with dry, hot environments, can cause your skin to overcompensate, creating the oily sheen that we all loathe. Genetics and age can also play a factor in how your body regulates itself, leading to oiler skin. While oily skin isn’t harmful, it can be annoying to deal with, especially on the go. Because we can’t often change our genetics or where we live, it’s easier to find ways to accept our body and learn how to manage oily skin, instead. By managing your oily skin instead of fighting it, you can help your makeup last longer and look better, leaving you oil-free as you go about all your favorite activities.

Three Tips to Help Makeup Last All Day Long

Read on to learn a few tips about how you can manage your oily skin and help your makeup last throughout the day.

Tip #1: Cleanse and Hydrate Your Skin

Do you jump out of bed and jump in the shower? Or do you tie your hair up, put on a five-minute face and call it a day? While you might not think about how a little thing can affect your day, studies show that your routine can make a big impact on your skin. In fact, taking off your makeup every night and cleansing your skin before putting on makeup in the morning, can help prevent oily skin and help you feel rejuvenated.

How to Make Makeup Last All Day on Oily Skin | PleasingCare

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend checking out the Magic Makeup Remover Cloth from Pleasing Care. If you haven’t tried this product, you’re missing out. This cloth is all natural and doesn’t require any extra cleansers or toners, which helps save you money and time in the long run. Plus, it’s reusable and it can be hung up to dry overnight and be ready to use the next morning! I really love this cloth for taking off hard-to-clean makeup like waterproof mascara or lip stains. Check it out on their website here: Magic Makeup Remover Cloth,Natural Makeup Remove Towel (

Once your skin is clean, I recommend trying a fragrance-free facial moisturizer. Your skin will thank you when you give it some extra hydration, especially on dry days, and it won’t produce as much oil.

Tip #2: Choose Your Makup Carefully

If you’ve ever walked into a Sephora, you know firsthand how hard it is to pick good makeup options. There are so many brands lining the shelf, with each product listing all of the reasons you should by it over the one next to it. Because it is so overwhelming, makeup brands often get consumers to buy their products over these claims, even though they might not really be helping your oily skin.

If you wear makeup throughout the day, be sure to look for options that are organic, all natural, and environmentally friendly. Makeup options that are chemical-free will keep your skin feeling healthy and fresh. Certain products can even help to keep oil at bay throughout the day.

As you go through your makeup routine, think about your schedule for the day. If you need your makeup to last a little longer, take a couple extra steps and start with a primer. A good makeup primer can help keep your makeup on throughout the day and will create a barrier between your skin and the makeup, which will certainly help your oily skin. Another great makeup product is setting spray, which is sprayed on your face after you finish your makeup. This spray can help keep everything intact and keep your face hydrated.

Tip #3: Oil Blotting Sheets

If you are cleansing your face every day and using long-lasting makeup without luck, it might be time to try oil blotting sheets. These special sheets are made from a substance that looks like paper, but is all natural. As you go about your day and notice the oil starting to form, you can use the sheets to blot away any oily spots. These sheets are really a great option when you don’t want to take off your makeup or if you’re short on time. I often find myself using them when I’m traveling.

How to Make Makeup Last All Day on Oily Skin | Makeup Mirror with Facial Oil Blotting Paper Sheets | PleasingCare

If you find yourself on the go often, like me, you might want to try Pleasing Care’s Oil Absorbing Sheets. Our makeup sheets are made from Bamboo, Charcoal, and Green Tea, and we have two different options to choose from. The best part about this product? It comes with an easy-to-use traveling case with a little mirror—this makes the case perfect for storing in your purse, suitcase, or bathroom bag.

If you’d like to give the Oil Absorbing Sheets a try, you can buy them here: Makeup Mirror with Facial Oil Blotting Paper Sheets (


While oily skin isn’t fun, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Thankfully, there are many things we can do to help beat the shine of oily skin and make our face look beautiful and fresh all day long.