What kind of skin do you have? Effective protection with corresponding skin product

Skin types is refers to the special attribution and characteristic result in the skin diversification. Everyone's skin is different, so when people recommend you with a kind of cosmetics that doing a great helps, you should calm down and think about if her skin type is similar with you, and whether the product is suitable for you rather than buying blindly. Firstly, you should find out what type of skin you are? It only takes effect when you are choosing the proper cosmetics according to your characteristic of skin.



Neutral skin


skin feels elastic smooth , neither dry or greasy. It only feels partially dry when it turns cold. It become oily in summer sometimes and not easily tanned .It ‘s also not sensitive to stimulation. Fortunately, you have the neutral skin. In general there will not be any big problem , with delicate pore and miner oil condition.


Specific features:

It begin to oil after washing face in six to eight hours

Delicate elastic, not dry and not greasy

Partially dry when the weather turns cold, may appear a little oily in hot weather  

Wrinkles appear very late if having appropriate maintenance

Few pimples and clogged pores

Not easily tanned and allergic

Skin care recommendation: First priority is given to daily care with moisture and sun protection.


Dry skin


The skin looks fine and feels dry , peeling when season changes. It gets wrinkles and spots easily , few acne and acne but few with a sense of rough touch. In this care you are the type of dry skin. With your index finger press the skin gently , there appears some fine lines.


Specific features:

It will not oil within 12 hours

Getting dry and peeling easily when season changes

Generate wrinkles easily , especially around the area of eyes and mouth

Get desquamate, erythema and spots easily , few acne and acne

Get tanned easily, not easily allergic

Recommendation for skin care: First priority is moisturizing and nourishing, preventing skin from dehydration, peeling or cracked to delay aging.


Oily skin


It appear to be facial oil with bulky pore , rough skin and thick cortex. It produces pimples easily but not the wrinkles. If you belong to this description, then you have oily skin. It bothers you a lot when it comes the freckles and blackheads occasionally.


Specific features:

It begin to oil after washing face in 1 hour

Rough touch on the face with facial oil

Appear to be facial oil in summer and get dehydrated easily when the weather turns cold water

Not easy to get wrinkles

Thick cortex and produces pimples, whelk and acne easily

Easy to get oily, but not easily allergic


Skin care recommendation: Giving priority to with cleansing, oil control, and moisture complement to balance grease secretion, preventing clogging pores and oily dehydration.


Mixed skin


It appear to be oil on the forehead, nose and chin , getting acne easily while the rest part of the face is often dehydrated. This is a mixed skin.


Specific features:

It begin to oil in T zone after washing face in 2-4 hours, while the rest part is normal

It appear to be oil on the forehead, nose ,chin and central part of face, while the rest part of the face is normal or dehydrated.

Not easily affected by seasons

Not wrinkle easily if maintaining appropriately

Getting acne easily in T zone

Not easily get tanned , but easily allergic as skin dehydrated

Skin care recommended: Given priority to control the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) from too much grease secretion , contracting the pores and moisten dry parts at the mean time.


Sensitive skin

It appear to be thin and fragile skin, lack of flexibility in nature, getting red and pimples easily when seasons change or facing heat and cold. It gets allergic easily with pimples, redness , swelling, and red blood silk due to shallow capillary. This is a typical type of sensitive skin.


Specific features:

It's easy to have red blood silk

The skin is thin, fragile, lack of flexibility

Getting red and pimples easily when seasons change, in heat or cold

Getting allergic easily with pimples, redness , swelling, and red blood silk

Getting allergic and tanned easily,


Skin care recommendation: Make sure not to rub the facial skin too strongly in case of producing red blood silk. You’d better choose soft and refreshing skin care products contains no fragrances , avoiding the stimulation of sunshine , sand and shock heating , etc.

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