Multifunction Waterproof Zipper Pouches - Translucent Toiletry/Cosmetic/Makeup Bags

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Multifunction Waterproof Zipper Pouches - Translucent Toiletry/Cosmetic/Makeup Bags

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About the Product

Handy Reusable Elegant Daily Personal EVA Organizers Set for Fishing, Home, Work or Travel

  • SUPER FAST SHIPPING! Expedited or Second Day Delivery in United States, UK, Canada or Japan
  • WATERPROOF, WIPE-CLEAN, SEMITRANSPARENT EVA material is supple, strong, and free of annoying odors. The waterproof, zippered pouches are resistant to tearing and protect your items from spills. And because the bags are semitransparent, you won’t have to dump everything out to find what you need.
  • TWO CLASSIC SIZES are included for all your personal items: 24×18×6cm and 17×13×5cm. Your personal items will be safe and accessible when you store them in a perfectly sized bag. Putting smaller items in the smaller bag and larger items in the larger bag means you can access your belongings easily.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE bags are useful for storing a variety of items. They’re great for holding toiletries, makeup, sewing kits, first-aid kits, small tools, kids’ toys, and anything you need to keep in one place. They make great gifts, too.
  • STURDY EXTERIOR LOOPS let you attach items or carry the bags with ease. Each bag comes with a loop that’s sewn into the seam. Use it for toting or transporting your bags. You can attach your toiletry bags to the inside of your suitcase or attach small items such as keys so they won’t get lost.
  • DURABLE ZIPPERS keep your items secure and allow easy access. The zippers are long enough to create a wide opening, allowing you full access to the interior of the bag. No more poking your fingers through a tiny opening to get what you need.

Product Description

Whether you’re packing for a trip or storing your personal items, these dynamic storage bags protect your things and keep you organized.

The larger bag (24×18×6cm) is perfect for storing shampoo, shower gel, shaving supplies, and more. keep items such as makeup, applicators, and first-aid supplies in the smaller bag (17×13×5cm). Empty or filled with items of your choice.

These bags make great gifts for friends, family, teachers, and anyone who could use a little help with organization. Both bags are made of waterproof EVA material and ideally suited for transporting and storing personal items.

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