Multi-purpose Adjustable Memory Foam Support Pillow, 3in1 Sleeping Set /2 Colors 25% OFF

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Multi-purpose Adjustable Memory Foam Support Pillow, 3in1 Sleeping Set /2 Colors

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About the Product

Dragon Pillow Deluxe Set(Silk Sleep Mask, Ear Plugs included) - Healthy Bamboo Charcoal Multi-Function Shape-able Memory Foam Pillow – Unique Keel Design provides Firm Support – Bend It. Shape It. Feel Better.

  • MORE HEALTHY, COMFORTABLE, DEPENDABLE. Creative Design - The special adjustable “keel” designed into the center of the antibacterial bamboo charcoal memory foam provides complete comfort you’ll never have from other memory foam pillows on the market. Great for use on both adults and children, men and women.
  • GET FAST RELIEF FROM YOUR ACHING NECK OR BACK. The shape-able support of the Dragon Pillow with keel helps you get quick relief from back pain, sore neck or stiffness. Twist it to a neck pillow, car pillow, back pillow, airplane pillow, travel pillow, foot pillow, or even a nap pillow as you wish! For all day relief from your aches and pains.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED! This Deluxe Set includes 1 Dragon Memory Foam Pillow, 1 pure Silk Mask for sleeping, and 2 Pair Earplugs! Both pillow and eye mask comes with its own elegant carrying pouch and a helpful care guide together, making it great for travel self-use or as a significant gift. 
  • DIY YOUR OWN PILLOW. USE IT ANYWHERE! The Dragon Pillow’s smart design and stylish looks make fit-in almost anywhere, shape it and DIY it, so you can have its supporting comfort and at home, in your office, or even on the road in your car, or on an airplane, train or bus.
  • CREATE HEALTHIER HABITS FOR SITTING OR SLEEPING! The comfortable support of the Dragon Memory Pillow can help you naturally create healthier habits and postures for sitting and sleeping.
  • USE IT WHILE READING, RELAXING OR WATCHING TV! Don’t put up with sore backs or aching muscles from prolonged sitting—whether at home or at the office. Use the Dragon Pillow to gently support improved postures and prevent soreness and stiffness.



The Dragon Pillow designed by PleasingCare is unlike any posture pillow you’ve ever seen! It is totally different from the inside-out. Its special adjustable keel design helps it hold its shape and position for firm, yet gentle, support of your neck, back or torso.



-Adjustable easy-snap belt easily adjusts for use on neck or body.

-Super soft fabric gives you the cooling smoothness of silk.

-Concealed zipper design makes it easy to disassemble for cleaning, yet provides elegant appearance when in use.

-Central “keel” design provides improved support and stability while allowing powerful multi-function reshaping capabilities.

-Dust-proof storage back makes storing and transporting your Dragon Pillow easy and convenient.

-Eco-friendly design using natural materials.


Why the Dragon Pillow is Right for You

  1. ATTRACTIVE DESIGN! The Dragon Pillow’s distinctive, stylish design and eye-catching appearance makes it welcome almost anywhere.

  2. SOOTHE AWAY YOUR ACHES AND PAINS! The Dragon Pillow’s gentle, consistent and effective support helps reduce body aches and pains.

  3. HIGH QUALITY! Made of only the finest materials with attention to detail. High quality viscoelastic memory foam with natural bamboo charcoal helps fight germs and resist dust mites. The high quality, soft breathe-able fabric adds coolness and comfort.

  4. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY! Our 360º twist keel design memory pillow have already registered the patent.


The Dragon Pillow works with your body, gently and effectively helping you correct bad postures while relieving pressure points. The memory foam core provides gentle support, adjusting to your support needs while relieving pressure on sore, achy muscles.


The Dragon Pillow can be easily wrapped, curved, molded or adjusted to almost any position in order to provide your body with the comfort and support you need for complete rest and relaxation.

Use it while driving to reduce head and neck strain and the fatigue of driving.


At home or in your office, the Dragon Pillow’s soft, supple support helps you relax both your mind and your body—soothing away the stresses of the day in just minute.


The Dragon Pillow’s fully-adjustable easy-snap belt helps hold it firmly in just the right position to gently support your neck, your lower back, or wherever you need the support for greatest comfort and relief.


The Dragon Pillow has a distinctive, stylish design and eye-catching appearance makes you happy to take it with you almost anywhere. The high quality viscoelastic memory foam, with all-natural, germ-resistant bamboo charcoal, is covered with high quality, soft breathe-able fabric that adds coolness and comfort in use.

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