Portable Microcurrent Galvanic Bio Face Lifting Golden Spoon Deluxe Equipment

Portable Microcurrent Galvanic Bio Face Lifting Golden Spoon Deluxe Equipment

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About the Product:

1.Make skin color redish, clear and tight.
2.Activate skin instantly, enhance its elasticity.
3.Ion cleaning, skin whitening and red
4.Biology massage, improve black orbit.
5.Microwave induction, lighten tiny wrinkle.
6.Micro-current makes skin tight, blare and elastic

Product Description

Micro-current Galvanic Biological Face Lifting Golden Spoon Deluxe

new gold spoon facial cleaning massage lifting thermal device enable you to enjoy the spa at home with skin care ionic golden spoon beautifying function

Gold has a dynamic property that can stimulate cells and enhance the resistance of your skin. Because it will not cause allergies, like chromium or nickel, and it also has an aseptic effect, the gold is used as the element in the Golden Spoons. The shape of Gold plated message spoons is designed according to outline of the face. The handles are made of high-grade thermoplastic material. Golden Spoons bring a nutritive blood supply to the cells and connective tissues and can cause rhythmic expansion and contraction


1. Enhance the absorption efficiency of the products to the skin.
2. Take care of swelling, tone and smooth skin and relax your skin.
3. Refreshes, invigorates and rejuvenates the skin, ant-aging function
4. Cation and anion conduction, micro-current technology and heat penetration
5. Make skin color rubbish, glowing and tightened
6. Stimulate skin constantly, recover its elasticity
7. Ion-cleaning, skin-whithening and red
8. Biological massage, eliminate dark circles.
9. Microwave induction, removing tiny wrinkle
10. Micro-current technology used to make skin tightened, glow and elastic
11. The operation head is Titanium-plated which offers excellent intimate contact with skin. It works well on regular skins as well as sensitive ones.
12. Portable and handy to use; Powered by the high-quality rechargeable Lithium battery; Wireless design; easy to use for any part of your body; Much more convenient to use it in wherever you want.
13. DC low voltage output makes the operation safe.
14. Switching power offered with the product let you use it worldwide without any problem.

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