Achieve Healthier Skin with A Makeup Removing Cloth and Oil Blotting Sheets

Beauty starts with a healthy face. Women love skincare rituals. On average,women in the U.S. alone spend approximately $3,756 annually on their physical appearance. Facial products are the numberone expenseincorporated into that total. Skincare products and makeup go beyond just enhancing one’s physical features. These productsalso have the potential to protect our skin, make uslook younger andhelp us feel better about ourselves. A great makeup removing cloth and oil blotting sheets are two great tools to have in your skincare collection. 

Maybe you havestruggledthrough many daysof battling with your dry or oily skin.Perhaps this has been an issue for as long as you can remember. Do you find yourdaily skincare routine ineffective? You are on a mission to find the right makeup orcleansing product that works best for you.You are not alone. Men and women both live withthe challenges of proper facial skin care.

Perhaps you are one of those people that havetried every skin care product available under the sun. The trial-and-error processof finding great products and building great skincare habits has left you frustrated. Don’t give up on the journey toward the ultimate health of your skin. You must conquer thistroublesome issue and find the right products and habits for your face.It’s time to find the best ways to maintain and achieve the glowing andhealthy skin that you desire.

First, we mustevaluate the various skin types and unique issues that each have. We will then be able to find the best solution to reveal the brilliant ways that youcan enhance your true beauty through your skin.

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Different Facial Skin Types

Makeup productsare not a one-type-fits-all solution. The makeup that yoursister or mother uses may not be suited for you, especially if you havesensitive skin. This might be because you all have different skin types.

Once you know what your skin type is, you will be able to choose the correct product that will be best for your facial skin. Knowing andunderstanding your skin type can save both your face and your wallet fromtoo much hassle. You will avoid spending money on makeup or facialproducts that are not going to bring out the best in your skin.

Oily Skin

An oily skin type is often shiny and the pores are typically more visible. If youhave too much oil on your skin, you are more than likely more prone to problems with acne and blemishes.

Dry Skin

A dry facial skin type is often found to be dull and flaky when you look closely. Your face can feel tightand rough with fine lines and wrinkles more clearly evident.

Combination Skin

A combination skin type is usually oily on the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, and chin), anddry with more open pores in the cheek area. This is the skin type that most people have andit requires different care for different areas of the face. 

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be any type mentioned above but typically requires extra care. This skin type is ofteneasily prone to redness, burning, itching, and irritation.

Normal Skin

Normal skintypically has few to no imperfections or difficult struggles. With good care, this skin typeis often soft andradiant-looking. 

Wash Away Oil and Dirt with A Makeup Removing Cloth

No matter which skin type you have, it is important that your face be cleaned daily. This is the first and most important step to any skincare routine because it:

  • Increases your skincare product effectiveness

If you have oily and dirty skin, the skincare products or makeup that you use may not serve their purpose to beautify and care for your skin.It is important to wash your face gently before applying makeup or otherfacial product. This helps youto reach the optimum benefits of your investment in products toenhance your natural beauty.

  • Keeps you looking young

Like it or not, your skin is aging every day. The use of harsh products on your face can visibly addwrinkles and pigmentation to your face. Removing oil and dirt each day,using a safeand effective product,will help to keep you both feeling and looking as young as possible.

  • Helps maintain clean and healthy skin

The skin naturally produces an oil called sebum to protect itself from environmental damages. If thesebum stays for too long on your skin, it may contribute to clogged pores andblemishes. This is why removing excessive oil from your face is necessary tohelp you achieve and maintain clear and healthy skin.

Fresh and Clean Skin Made Simplewith Our Cloth Remover

Harsh cleansers and makeup removers can effectively wash away dirtand oil on the face. However,they can also removesome of the important oils that our facial skinneeds. In turn, thiscan make the face dry and dull. Many people suffer with these results until they findnatural products from Pleasingcare.

Pleasingcareoffers a makeup removing cloth that can help you get rid of makeup, dirt, and oil without compromising your sensitive skin. Removing face makeup using only ourmakeup removing cloth and warm water can leave your skin fresh and clean without the effects of harsh chemicals.

Take a look at our collection of product reviews and see how thousands of customers enjoy the following benefitsbrought by these amazing makeup removing cloths. [Insert link to reviews.]

Take a look at our collection of product reviews and see how thousands of customers enjoy the following benefitsbrought by these amazing makeup removing cloths. [Insert link to reviews.]

Eco-Friendly & Natural Makeup Removing Cloth

Our makeup removing clothis the only natural and eco-friendly makeup remover that you will find on themarket. Each of the clothsthat you purchase from us are reusable and leave noharm to the environment. We use only cruelty-free materials to create ourproducts. You can use each of our makeup removing cloths over 1000 times.


We are continuously innovating facial cleansing products to help you attain convenience and satisfaction with your everyday makeup routine. Removing make-up isquick, easy and convenient with our makeup removing cloth. You only need warm water to clean safely and effectively.

Soft and Gentle

Eliminate the harsh makeup removers from your skincare cleansing routine. Each of ourmakeup removing cloths is100% made from microfiber material. They are soft on your skin while being tough on makeup and even waterproof mascara.

We pack all our products with care.You’ll experience face cleansing that will feel like you are pampering yourself everysingle day.Purchase your makeup removing cloth today and achieve a clean and fresh face at a very affordable price.

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Extra Care for Oil-Prone Skin with Oil Blotting Sheets

Shine is meant for glistening diamonds and jewels, not for your face. However, life happens and youknow you have excess oils on your face if you:

  • Have a lot of large clogged pores
  • Have increased acne breakouts
  • Can’t live without a face powder in your makeup kit

Our Oil Blotting Sheets to Save Your Day

Pleasingcare has created a great reputation along with our leading product- oil blotting sheets.

We have successfully innovated oil blotting sheets from the finest bambooin Sichuan. We carefully make soft blotting papers from bamboo and charcoal. Eachwipe with our oil blotting sheets is a total game (oil) changer for your face!Absorb oil from your face and enjoy thesemany benefits of using our natural and eco-friendly oil blotting sheets.

Save time redoing makeup

If you are out in the sun or you’re having a busy and active day, your sweat glands will secretelots of oil on your face and neck. Our disposable oil blotting sheets are yourgo-to quick fix to absorb oil without messing up your makeup. Simply pat a gentle oilblotting sheet on your sweaty face and you’ll dry up the oil without the need to redo your makeup.

Make lipstick last longer

You do not have to constantly retouch your lipstick. Thanks to our blotting paper, which is made from the finest material, you can keep wearing your lipstick all day long. Justdab a sheet to your lips after you drink or eat. Thisremoves the grease and oil from your lips without removing your lipstick.

Obtain a shine-free face with oil blotting sheets

Shiny is not always attractive, especially if it’s your face that looks like it has built-in‘silver linings’. Our oil blotting sheets havethe highest absorbent material totake away excess oil from your face. Whether you are a man or a woman, Pleasingcare will keep away shine in on your faceby removing the excess oil.

Enjoy our blotting papers that come in light green tea and rose fragrance. Purchase these and saveyour makeup and your day with our best-selling and affordable oil blotting sheets.

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3 Tips to Build Daily Skin Care Habits

You have read countless articles about how to take care of your skin. You will not go wrong

doing the cleanse-tone-moisturize facial method. If you find it hard toget into a solid routine,we have compiled 3 useful tips tobuild daily skincare habits.

1. Pick a certain time each day

Skincare routines can be a bit time-consuming depending on the routine you wish to have. Choosing the appropriate time is one of the reasons why many people fail to be consistent withthe right skincare routine. That’s why you need to decide whichtime of the day that you have more time to properly complete your skincare. 

Most people choose to do their extended skincare routine at night as this is also the time they usemakeup remover. However, remember that it’s important to start with a clean face both at the start of your day and at the end. 

2. Write down your skin goals

You must know what you want to achieve for your skin. Write down your goals and refer to them often, so you’ll be reminded and motivated toward buildinga habit that will help you reach your goals. 

Remember to find the productsyou need to have to achieve your skin goals. A great makeup removing cloth and oil blotting sheets should never be missing in your skincare kit.

3. Enjoy the process

You are doing all your makeup and skincare routine with one goal: to keep you feeling fresh,

healthy, and beautiful. This wonderful process is to pamper and rewardyourself. Enjoy and embrace the process, towards a beautiful and healthy you.

Important Additional Ways to Care for Your Face

Caring for your skin goes beyond choosing and using the right skincare and makeup products.There are so many other ways to care for your skin.

  • Get enough sleep – Sleeping at least 7 hours each day helps your skin cells repair. You’ll also prevent those unwanted dark circles under your eyes resulting from continuous late-nights or poor sleep habits. 
  • Eat Healthy and Hydrate– The food and drinks you put into your mouth have a big impact on the health of your skin. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet and don’t forget to hydrate to keep moisture in your face.
  • Protect yourself from the sun – Excessive sun exposure can leave you with wrinkles and other skin damage. Use sunscreen and wear protective gear like sunglasses and hats before you go outside.
  • Practice proper hygiene – Use only clean and unexpired products and practice proper hygiene. Don’t forget to change your bedsheets and pillowcases. They may be a home for bacteria and excess or dirty oils that lead to acne.

Bring Out the Best in Your Skin

All of the products that you use on your face and body affect how you look. If you want a healthy,radiant, and beautiful face and skin, you need to use the right products thatare perfectly suited for the needs of your skin type.

Your makeup removing cloth and oil blotting sheetsmust come from a trusted brand that uses only natural materials. For over 20 years, Pleasingcare has helped countless women and men achieve and maintain the health and beauty of their skin. Purchase your oil blotting sheetsand makeup removing cloth from us today and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of beautiful and healthy skin.

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