Guide: If we can expel the toxins from the body normally, we can delay aging, and can show our young body. In the daily life, if we want to expel the toxins from the body, we can combine foods and exercises, how to match the two to make us healthier?


How to expel the detox in our body by combining foods and sports | PleasingCare


Honey: Honey is the best product for nourishing our body and detoxifying.

Lemonade: both for detoxification and losing weight. In the morning, drink a large glass of warm lemonade after getting up for detoxifying; its effect is very good.

Brown sugar water: it is well-known for its detoxification, moisturizing effect.

Brown: the "plumber” for cleaning the colon. It can "suck" the dirt in the sludge gut, and finally discharge it from the body.

Sweet potatoes: It is with soft fiber, digestible, can promote the gastrointestinal motility, and facilitate the defecation.

Oats: it is laxative. Promote gastrointestinal motility with fiber, and play a role in detoxification laxative.

Corn: It is rich in calcium, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, with lower serum cholesterol effect.

Milk: It is rich in calcium, and can inhibit cholesterol synthesis enzyme activity, also can reduce the body's absorption of cholesterol.

Lychee: It can improve liver function, accelerate the removal of toxins, promote cell growth, the ideal fruit for detoxifying.

Apple: The galactose acid helps to detox, pectin can avoid the food corruption in the intestine.

Strawberry: It contains lots of organic acids, pectin and minerals, can clean the stomach, and keep the liver health.

Banana: It can eliminate waste the body, and contain almost all vitamins and minerals.

 How to expel the detox in our body by combining foods and sports | PleasingCare


Spa: Take the human skin as the detoxification channel. The sauna sweating can help to detoxify, also can promote skin detoxification by alternating hot and cold water shower.

Massage: Massage the lymph glands in the back to help the body detox, it belongs to the passive detox method.

Aerobic exercise: It can improve the organs with oxygen through exercise and discharge the waste, do the aerobic exercise for at least three times a week.

Yoga: It is a gentle sport, and helps to expel the waste from the body.

Aroma: It helps to discharge the water and waste from the body, reducing the toxins from the body, with the effect of slimming, weight loss, and eliminating edema.

How to expel the detox in our body by combining foods and sports | PleasingCare 

To pursue the high quality of life, we must know to keep health scientifically. If we can combine the food and exercise properly, it is with nutrition and health. For example, in the morning drink a glass of lemonade to eliminate toxins, keep a scientific diet for three meals, it will be nutritious. The fruits above for expelling toxins may match properly. If you want to exclude intestinal toxins, you can eat some grains, do some aerobic exercise after the meals, or do the SPA irregularly, enjoy our life and work hard firstly.

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