Every day before we wake up or going to bed, washing a face is necessary job can’t be disregarded. However, it can achieve the cleaning effect with towels washing our face everyday. If we want beautiful flawless face, we must know the correct way to wash a face, otherwise it can cause skin sickness. What kind of symptoms will be when skin gets sick? Pleasingcare will give your more information.

 the skin can also get "sick":  correct cleaning is necessary for immaculate face | PleasingCare

Every girl have her own way to wash a face, but it is a question if they are doing the right thing. Most of girls do not know the correct way to wash a face, and some of the girls think that wiping their face with watered towel everyday , or use facial cleanser is doing a good job. This is the wrong idea, for this kind of process can make skin appear all sorts of symptoms and defect our beautiful face , which has been causing trouble for the girls. The first to know about is symptoms that the skin may appear.


Skin moist scarcity: tight, moisturizing invalid.


Don't use cutin cleansers everyday or pursue the moment without sense of oil after cleansing. The most important part: Do not clean the face more than two times a day. This is a little secret for face cleaning and moisturizing.


Skin mania: pimples and allergy.


We should choose cleanser with strong power , but not destroying the skin barrier according to different skin types. At the same time we needs to be changed cleansers according to the season change to avoid excessive greese clogging the pores, or aggravate the sensitivity of skin out of dryness.


Skin anorexia: coarse texture and malabsorption.


If it appear this kind of symptoms of skin, it means that you are doing facial cleaning too gently. You need a bit strong products: replace your makeup removing product into a more powerful one, and also foam cleansers to clean off residual completely after cleansing oil . To increase the times of weekly cutin cleansing. To replace the habit of patting moisturizing lotion into wiping with a piece of cotton temporarily , and change your lotion to be the one with secondary cleaning effect.



Skin complexion disease: dull yellow and uneven skin complexion .


If you found that your skin color is still dark even doing enough whitening and sun blocking, there are mainly two reasons. First is aged cutin thickly accumulated, and the second is insufficient cleaning leaving residual oil. The excessive oil will be attaching to the skin surface, having oxidation reaction to the air. Thus the skin will present a pale yellow complexion, showing a flat tire look of itself .



Clean the face in right way. The first condition is to analyze our own skin, to see if it is sensitive, oily, or dry. Then we can choose suitable cleanser according to the type of skin.

the skin can also get "sick":  correct cleaning is necessary for immaculate face | PleasingCare 

Face cleansing products suitable for different types of skin type are as follows:


Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin cleaning is very headache. It would aggravate the sensitivity of skin by excessive cleaning, and cause blackheads or acne problem by insufficient cleaning . So we should make sure to choose a mild cleanser.


Dry skin

Skin become dehydrated and desquamated as seasonal variation due to external factors such as air cooling or heating. The moisture loss more easily and become drier. We should choose powerful hydrating cleanser to wash a face.



Oil skin

Sebum secretion is exuberant for oil skin, so it can easily causing accumulation in pore clogging up if not  cleaning completely. We can choose oil-control cleansers to remove grease on the one hand. On the other hand, it can adjust the skin ph balance.

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