Here comes the summer time, it is inevitable for the skin get dehydrated. The editor of skin care will tell you several situation that may causes skin moisture shortage, and the countermeasures of dealing with it, enable you to be a dewy beauty in the dry summer. Someone use facial steamer to keep skin more health ,I think you can try.

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How to treat dehydrated skin?

It generally belongs to the sensitive dehydration when there feels a sense of dehydration on the skin, itchy on the cheek eyes area, and skin reddish tingling after washing a face. This kind of sensitive skins are mostly in extreme lack of moisture, which causing gap and looseness of the cutin, leading to functional decrease on resisting external stimulation. You can try to use the cosmetics of pharmacy brand aiming at sensitivity skin at this time , or low stimulation, low sensitivity hydrating products. Do remember to try first before buying, to make sure you are not allergic to the product.

 The condition of the skin is well enough at home or outside, while it become tight immediately with a lot of small fine lines in the office of strong air conditioning. The general cause of dehydration and small fine lines are environmental changes by powerful air conditioning equipment , which is inevitable encounter for lots of office ladies. As long as you are in the office environment that’s warm in winter and cool in summer, dehydration will be always exist like air pollution. Under this case, you should apply moisturizing cream after the essence, and carry with  spray products for the complement of moisture anytime.

It may easily gets oily soon after washing a face, suffering from pore bulky and pimple frequently. There is a sense of rough touch on the face , with a lot of small fine lines if taking a good look at it. It classed as the oily dehydration . Being oily is a signal of self-protection of skin moisture scarcity, which cause pore outspread and release more oil to protect the skin, leading to excessive oil secretion.

For oily condition caused from dehydration , our countermeasure is to clean first, oil-control, then complement with moisture. Of course, every step is necessary. Every best skin care products are must to be test for your skin, You might choose some powerful products on oil cleaning and oil controlling , and then you can process the complement with moisture. In this way you can prevent dry skin in the summer time, maintaining moist skin complexion.

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