How to prevent the breast gland cancer for ladies?

Guide: Now the cold winter is coming, when we put on the thick clothing to protect our bodies, we should pay attention to protecting the breast. Because the incidence of breast cancer in China continues to increase, so lots of female friends fear the breast cancer greatly. Then in the winter, how should we avoid the breast cancer.

How to prevent the breast gland cancer for ladies? | PleasingCare 

Four tips for preventing the breast gland cancer in winter


Health experts suggest that, in the cold winter, you can do something as the following, getting rid of the worry for the cancer.


  • First, walking for 1 hour every day


Health science shows, do daily exercise for one hour, get the healthy longevity all the life. It is true. Take the breast cancer for example; the health experts suggest that, do outdoor walking one hour every day. Sport is one of the best ways to help women to care for breast health and prevent breast cancer. And in all the sports, the easy practice with high value is undoubtedly - walking outdoors!


  • Second, arranging the diet properly


Why should we have the reasonable diet? Health experts explain, one third of cancers are related to unreasonable dietary disorder, especially for women. The improper diet will greatly induced the breast cancer, and proper diet is one of the effective ways to prevent breast cancer. So what is a reasonable diet? The "reasonable diet", firstly we should monitor our diet quantitatively, do not eat too much, not be full or hungry for any meal. For example, breakfast is the most important meal in one day, it should not be ignored. Many women do not have breakfast for getting up too late or doing makeup too long, which is very bad for breast health.

How to prevent the breast gland cancer for ladies? | PleasingCare


  • Third, eat more vegetables and fruits


Nutrition experts recommend we should intake at least 300 to 500 grams of vegetables, and 200 to 400 grams of various fruits, and pay attention to add brown rice, pearl barley, corn and other coarse grains and cereals to provide enough vitamins, minerals and most important plant crude fiber to the body for detoxing. In addition, is also very important to limit the intake of high-fat for preventing breast cancer. Eating more fruits and vegetables can help you to solve this problem. Finally, there is a taboo which is very important for women to prevent breast cancer, and that is to limit alcohol and quit smoking.


  • Fourth, having bath with hot water often


The best advantage for the bath can help you to activate the body metabolism of all the organs, clear the body's meridians, proper water temperature can promote blood circulation in your body, help you to expand the pores, and expel the accumulated toxins from the body. Health experts explain, 20 minutes hot water bath at 40 ° C can help women to detox effectively and can also consume about 200 calories. And the buoyancy of water can also help women to relieve stress and relax the muscles.

How to prevent the breast gland cancer for ladies? | PleasingCare 

All the things above are very important for women, for the women with repeated daily stress, and stress relieving can not be achieved in the short term, the pressure is one of the main factors for evoking the cancer. As a result, the women should relax themselves in the daily life. The breasts are our most important parts of the body, we must take care of them from doing the little things.

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