Guide: Many of us may have the misunderstandings that the more creams makes better maintenance effect, and using the moisturizing spray crazily when they feel dry on the face. Please stop ! As pleasingcare said that we need to set things right. There are 5 kinds of misunderstanding in the skin care that are most easy to be ignored. We should follow correct operation according to individual skin condition , to make the best effect of maintenance.

 To set things right: 5 kinds of misunderstanding in the skin care that are most easy to be ignored | PleasingCare

1, If your hard-working moisturizing doesn't take effect, you may be making these mistakes:


Do you drinking even 8 cups a day, you still feel it’s not moist enough? The surface of skin may not directly obtain water from inside the body, but the bottom skin can provide moisture flows to the surface all the time. For healthy skin, the source of water is like spring with plenty of energy, but only by maintaining moisture balance of the outside skin at the same time can keep the skin watery smooth.


2, Seven biggest parts of the moisturizing blind zones unknown by 80% women


80% of women might ignore these important parts, leaving them to be moisturizing blind zones. These seven parts are respectively the eyebrows, back of ears , nose, eye corner, neck, hands, elbows and knees .


3, Using moisturizing spray doing more harm than good for oily skin


Many people use moisturizing spray to protect their skins from wetness. However, it’s doing much harm rather than good for oily skin if using moisturizing spray. This is because oily skin havs fast metabolism of skin and  exuberant secretion of grease . If spraying nutrition water on the face , the oil and water can not mix together. It is not only bad for moisture absorption , it might also contaminate the skin. So we should process oil-controlling firstly, then preserving moisture.

To set things right: 5 kinds of misunderstanding in the skin care that are most easy to be ignored | PleasingCare 

4, Please make sure whether you skin’s in lack of moisture or oil, while making mistakes will lead to moisturizing in vain completely.                                                                                                                                                                     


Everyone may have a dehydrated skin condition, but there lies great difference for the reasons. Whether you skin’s in lack of moisture or oil? If we make it wrong fundamentally, the skin care will not be effective certainly . First, we should find out what kind of skin products are the ones we really need, at the meanwhile we should not make a confusion between the concept of moisturizing and oil-controlling.


5, The night cream will lock up moisture within the skin, which means wiping too much may lead to dehydration.


Use too much moisturizing night cream will bring about skin suffocation during sleeping, unable to open the pores. When the skin can’t breath freely, it will be incapable of normal metabolism and absorption. So please pay attention to control the dosage of the night cream in case of skin dehydration.

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