Guide language: In scientific research, people are used to speak with the data. In fact, in the aspect of sex, some statistics also can help us know more clearly about sexual knowledge. Recently, the famous American Amphoteric magazine "the village"  published stories that summarized the eight amazing unknown sex data.

 The survey said: Women have 7 sex partners all life averagely | PleasingCare

1, the number of sexual partners.


According to a Durex global survey, men have 13 partners in their sex life averagely, and woman with seven. The data has been considering the phenomenon of polygamy and remarried. The survey also showed that 66% of people think that they are satisfied with present partner and 10% of people think that their first partners are the ones they miss the most.


2, the age of first time of sex.

Globally, the men are at an average age of 16.9 years for the first time, and female was 17.4 years. Of course, some early-married countries may low down the age such as India. But experts suggest not to rush for the first time because it is the important part in our life .


3, rate of orgasm .

People's expectations of sex is often not the realistic. In fact, only 29% of the women can get orgasm in each sex, while men are lucky enough to reach 75%. Suggestions for orgasm: to extend the time of foreplay can help female gets orgasm.


4, times of sex .

People are having fewer sex because of busy work and pressure. The survey shows that 67% of adult have sex once a week, and  9% of couples only have sex every few months. Actually the frequency is not important as long as both sides feel satisfied.


5, sexual secrets.

Where do you prefer to touch on your sex partner? What is your sexual desires and fantasies? 58% of people take these sexual secrets hidden deep in the bottom of heart. The one being able to speak out frankly are less than 10%. In fact, openly sharing of sexual secrets can make sex quality improve greatly.

The survey said: Women have 7 sex partners all life averagely | PleasingCare 

6, about masturbation.

 A global Durex survey shows that 83% of people masturbate, and 43% of men and 22% of women masturbate once a week, which makes it a common sexual behavior. Moderate masturbation helps to health, so it ‘s needless to feel embarrassed. Explore your body can also help enhance sexual confidence and find sexual excitement.


7, Old age sex is more wonderful

According to the survey, 65% of people over the age of 50 is sexually active. 85% of people think that with the increase of age, sexual pressure will be smaller, sexual feelings more amazing. This may be because they don’t have the contraceptive concern, at the same time, more confidence to the relationship. All in all, there is no deadline for sex, and we can always enjoy it.


8, Aphrodisiac

The arrival of the sexual desire sometimes is wonderful, with 56% of women think that men with beard can inspire their sexuality. For men, a deep kiss can blow their mind mostly. So, men might as well a little beard, as women might paint their lips with beautiful color as well, which make us more attractive to the opposite sex.

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