Guide language: We clean face and brush teeth,taking a shower everyday as routine. Pleasingcare tell you that it doesn't mean that it really played the role. Actually we always washing in a wrong way .

The five parts of the women body are the dirtiest.

The five parts of the women body are the dirtiest | PleasingCare 

There are about 1 million microorganisms on women scalp


Fat: 1. The scalp :The follicle mite make home on the scalp

The studies have found that there are about 1 million microbes per square centimeter on the scalp , and most of them are the follicle mite. They like to make home within the epidermis layer of the scalp , grouping together to forming a "family", concerted effort by sucking the sebaceous glands secretion of lipid . The final result is hair loss.


Fat: 2. Mouth cavity:

The mouth cavity is an essential place for food’s flowing, however, there are more than one hundred million microbes per square centimeter in the mouth, including good bacteria and a significant number of microorganisms, which is the main culprit of bad breath.

They cause the smelly sulphur compounds who live between the teeth and tongue as the decomposition of food residual and saliva. Brushing carefully on your teeth in the morning and evening to keep the mouth clean , and remember to use dental floss first before cleaning your tongue again. The residual bacteria on the tongue would also destroy our freshing breath.


Fat 3. Axillary: Unclean axillary will lead to peculiar smell and bacteria

Armpit sweat is not a disease. You may “enjoy“ more than once the kind of unbearable smell in a crowded bus or subway. It comes from the armpit, aggressively polluting the air around. The hidden microbes in the armpit are as high as 1 billion - 10 billion per square centimeter.

Sweats itself has no smell. But the rod-shaped bacteria , as a frequenter nourishing by the skin secretion of fatty acids , can breed a large number of bacteria which lead to bad smell. Armpit sweat is not a disease, as long as we bathe and change clothes frequently , and choose cotton underwear .

The five parts of the women body are the dirtiest | PleasingCare 

Fat 4: The intestinal tract: drinking yogurt daily to protect the intestine

There are more than 400 intestinal bacteria in the Intestine. The e. coli in the intestines is good tenant to the human body, helping us to digest and also a part of our defense system. But the intestinal e. coli outside can cause disease if it sneak into our food, causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

To protect the intestinal tract, we suggest drinking 1-2 bottles of yogurt per day . The probiotic bacteria can inhibit the bad bacteria in the intestinal tract, helping to get good bacteria on control. In addition, we suggest to have moderate exercise persistently. Doing push-ups, knead abdomen, etc. constantly can prevent intestinal aging.


Fat 5: Vulva: Vulva is the first portal to prevent the genital tract infection .

If getting genital infection, it can directly affect the vagina, further with the uterus, fallopian tube, etc. Therefore the expert advice: to keep the vulva clean every day.


Right way to do: Especially clean the wash basin before cleaning every day , then put cold water with half a bowl, then putting towel into the basin , boiled for 5-10 minutes till the water cool down. Then wash the vulva, which means to use sterilized water and towels to clean vulva, avoiding infection, in order to enable the vaginal of self-cleaning.

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