Beauty &skin care scheme allows you to change to a white beauty


Iced Eye Gel

You might as well leave your eye gel stored in the refrigerator for a long time, applying to the eye for the use of eye puffiness or severe moisture accumulation. The cold touch of eye gel can cool down the skin of eye, permeating, relieving and moisturize surrounding area promptly so as to improve appearances of eye puffiness , recovering the eyes’ brightness .


Beauty &skin care scheme allows you to change to a white beauty | PleasingCare 

Moisturizers for Activating Skin Massage


It is not necessary to buy massage cream for massaging. Actually the best opportunity for skin massage is when we are putting on moisturizers or cream every day. After cleansing and toning, apply everyday used moisturizers, massage facial skin with your finger pulp circling for minutes. It can accelerate collagen production and strengthen elasticity of the skin, lustering the skin with more gloss.


Heating skin care product

When winter comes, we can put the skin care product in the warm water before application. It helps to warm the skin, open the pores, and help the nutrients of skin care product make a deep  penetration into the skin effectively. Of course, you can use both hands rub preheating the skin care product before using it when you are busy.

Beauty &skin care scheme allows you to change to a white beauty | PleasingCare

The overnight moisturizing

If your skin is severely dehydrated , you can totally apply disposable moisturizing facial mask on the face evenly as a sleep mask all night, making full use of moisturizing ingredients. You may find out that when you wake up the next day, the skin will be delicate moist and watery.

Sauna mask

If you are happened to enjoy sauna time to time, you shouldn’t miss the golden opportunity of applying face mask. Before entering a sauna room, you can clean up the skin and apply the mask, then use the heat and humidity from sauna room to help opening the pores, so that the nutrients can make a deep penetration through the skin. The heat softened cutin, which can also make the skin become as delicate and tender as a baby.

Clean face fabric for removing cutin


Removing cutin together with make up is also the best opportunity to remove cutin. You just need to prepare a clean face fabric and scrub the make-up remover off with facial makeup, which finished the soften and removing cutin work at the same time. It keeps skin white, tender and smooth.


Wash the face from down to up


When washing a face, you can use shower head to wash away dirt at high speed. But keep in mind that the shower head should be used to wash facial skin in a bottom-up direction, in order to prevent the face from sagging loose out of long time facial washing.


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