How to Take Makeup Off Without Makeup Remover? What to Use Instead of Makeup Wipes?

At the end of a long day, the last thing you're thinking about is how to erase your face. But did you know that 56% of acne is caused by clogged pores? That's why having the right skincare routine is essential.

And the first step to having the best skin is having the best makeup remover. But those cheap makeup wipes you get from the store are not only bad for your face, but also the environment. So if you want to learn about some great alternatives, then keep reading!


Why Is It Important To Take Your Makeup off Before Bed?

During your sleep cycles, the skin renews itself by forming new skin cells and shedding old ones. Unfortunately, when you leave your makeup on at night, this cycle becomes hindered.
Not to mention, your skin cannot breathe under these conditions. And eventually, fine lines, dry skin, acne, and wrinkles will begin to appear.


Also, most makeup companies use heavy amounts of oil and alcohol to formulate their products. Oil causes clogged pores, while alcohol causes your skin's barrier to break down.
If you're not familiar, a break in your skin barrier is the leading cause of acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation. Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent your skin barrier from breaking.


What Is a Skin Barrier

According to Dr. Hooman Khorasani, the skin barrier is made up of lamellar sheets. These sheets are seen within the top layer of our skin or the "stratum corneum".
Lamellar sheets are mostly cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides. These properties keep your stratum corneum safe and in place.

Over time, your skin barrier will naturally weaken. However, those who do not wear sunscreen, and properly cleanse their skin, will experience this sooner. That's because, without proper care, the lamellar sheets between our skin cells weaken.
This causes your skin barrier to crack and allows for bacteria and pollutants to enter the skin. And your skin's moisture will also escape causing dried, wrinkled, and cracked skin.
So how do you prevent your skin barrier from breaking down? Luckily, we've provided a detailed, step-by-step skincare routine. So keep reading!

How To Protect Your Skins Barrier

The first step to protecting your skin barrier is having a balanced diet consisting of high nutrient levels. You also want to drink at least 7 cups of water per day.
Water will keep your skin glowing, bouncy, and it reduces inflammation. In the morning, have a set skincare routine. Many people think that because they have a nighttime routine they don't need to do anything in the morning.

However, this is false! Your skin will accumulate particles and pollutants throughout the day. Therefore it's important to have a layer of protection against these chemicals.
So your first step in the morning should be to cleanse your face. It's recommended that you use reusable makeup remover cloths or pads. And you might be thinking "why would I use makeup remover cloths if already took my makeup off the night prior?"

During your sleep, your skin will attract dust particles from multiple areas. But by using reusable makeup remover cloths, you'll wipe away these pollutants and have a clean canvas!
After cleaning your face with reusable makeup remover pads or cloths, you'll want to apply a light day serum. Preferable something with vitamin C or peptides. Then you'll want to apply a moisturizer/SPF. This will protect your skin from the sun and it'll keep you hydrated.

Some people avoid SPF because it gives them a shiny or dewy look. However, this step is very important because SPF prevents skin damage and cancer.
If you're one of those people who don't like looking too dewy after applying SPF, you can go in with an oil-absorbing sheet. This will remove any excess oil without disturbing your skin products or makeup. After this, you can go in with your regular makeup products!

Debunking Common Makeup Removers

The makeup and skin community has run through many different makeup remover in the past few years. For example, some influencers raved about coconut oil. And other influencers swore by traditional makeup wipes.
Unfortunately, most of the things that you've learned from these influencers are wrong-- and they're damaging your skin. Keep reading to learn more.

Traditional Makeup Wipes

As oppose to makeup remover pads reusable, many people opt for makeup wipes instead. Unfortunately, makeup wipes may strip away your natural oils. And this causes even more breakouts! Disposable makeup wipes also end up in oceans, lakes, and other water systems. Some makeup wipe companies even use cancer-causing chemicals in their wipes. Overall, makeup wipes are a big no for your health, skin, and the planet.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is great for your body. However, it's best to use this oil orally and not topically. Coconut oil is very rich and has a thick consistency. And because of this, it can clog your pores. Therefore, it's best to only use coconut oil in your diet.

Traditional Cleansers

Many people will spend hundreds trying to find the best cleanser. And although some cleaners can remove makeup--they can also strip away your skin's natural moisture, just like makeup wipes. Not to mention, most cleansers are very lightweight so they are unable to seep through your skin and remove makeup. In most cases, you're only removing the top layer of makeup and leaving a layer of makeup in your epidermis. And like we mentioned earlier, you don't want to go to bed with any makeup on

Electric Brushes

Electric brushes became very popular around 2016. They were mainly marketed to remove even the deepest layers of makeup and dirt. However, the truth is, electric brushes are very harsh. They can cause tiny tears in the skin which leads to bacteria buildup/acne. Not to mention, they're very expensive and rely on batteries to operate.

Why Reusable Makeup Removers Are the Future

Now that you've heard about what NOT to use, let's talk about what to use for removing makeup. For starters, don't underestimate the power of a good makeup remover cloth and water. It's very simple, yet very effective.

A lot of the time we see people trying to overcomplicate things by using crazy gadgets and cleaners. However, all you need is a reusable makeup remover cloth. Not only are they great for the environment, but they're more hygienic than makeup wipes and electric brushes combined. But not all reusable makeup cloths are made the same.

Microfibers for Taking off Makeup

If you're not familiar, microfibers are made from fine polyester and polyamide. Some fabrics are 100% microfiber or they are blended with cotton, wool, or viscose. However, to be considered a microfiber, the fiber must be less than 1 inch for the width. The lightweight and wrinkle-resistant material are why these kinds of materials are great for the skin. They carefully remove makeup with just water. And the flexibility of the fabric allows the microfibers to get deep into your skin and remove every layer of makeup. And instead of having to throw the cloth away, you can safely reuse it.


This means less pollution and waste. It's important that you only use microfiber cloths or pads as they are not harsh on the skin. Regular face towels use synthetic fibers and use bleaching properties to dye the fiber. This causes skin irritation. At best, they will only remove the top layer of makeup. And you experience skin tears and dry skin. Overall microfiber cloths are a great alternative for makeup remover.


How To Use Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths

Using a reusable makeup cloth is very easy. First, wet the cloth with warm water and ensure that it's fully soaked. Then start doing circular motions using the front of the cloth. Do not rub or drag the cloth and be very gentle.

Once the first layer of makeup has dissolved, flip the cloth and repeat the same steps. You can go in with your regular skincare routine when there's no product coming off the cloth. As you can see using a reusable cloth is the easiest way to take off your makeup without using a traditional makeup remover.

How To Take Care of a Reusable Makeup Remover

A makeup remover cloth needs delicate care to ensure its durability. These kinds of fabrics require a warm wash, either by hand or washing machine. Once washed, you can tumble dry the cloth.
It's recommended that you wash your cloth at least twice a week. In between washes you can rinse the cloth with warm water to remove any makeup.
If your cloth becomes stained, do not beach it as this will harm the material. Instead, use baking soda during your wash to remove any stains! You should store your reusable makeup remover cloth in a dry area with no moisture.
This will prevent any bacteria from forming in the cloth. Lastly, do not iron or steam your reusable makeup cloth as this will also cause the material to become damaged.

Other Ways To Remove Makeup Without a Makeup Remover

Using reusable cloths is the best way to erase your face from stubborn makeup. However, there are also other ways to remove makeup. And although they may not be as effective, we thought we've shared them with you.

Steam Remover

Steaming your face can open up your pores which allows deep makeup and dirt to exit. You can buy a facial steamer or heat a pot of water and place your face about 10 inches away.
However, this method will not completely remove your makeup. At best, it will break down your makeup and allow your pores to breathe. You could use this method in combination with a reusable makeup remover pad or cloth.

Cucumber Remover

This may sound a little odd but cucumber has been used in makeup products and skincare for years. And this natural antioxidant can also be used to remove makeup.
So start by taking a fresh cucumber and cutting it into small pieces. Then place the pieces in a food processor or blender. Make sure the consistency is smooth and liquid. For better results, you can place the mixture in the freezer for 5 minutes.
Then begin to lather on the mixture with a brush or your clean hands. Use your hands to work the mixture into the skin by doing circular motions. After the mixture has been thoroughly lathered into the skin, wash it off and pat dry.

Honey and Baking Soda Remover

This mixture is great because the honey hydrates the skin while the baking soda breaks down the makeup. Simply put a spoonful of organic honey and baking soda in a cup then mix with a spoon.
This mixture can also be used with a reusable makeup remover cloth. You can place the mixture directly onto the cloth and do circular motions.
However, the honey may damage the fibers if you don't properly wash it right after. You can also place the mixture on your face, lather it, and then wash it off. And then use your reusable makeup cloth to do a double cleanse.

Milk Remover

Last but not least we have the milk method. This may sound a little strange but it's very effective for removing waterproof makeup! You can use whole milk because it contains more fat and protein particles.
Start by applying a dab of milk onto a reusable makeup remover pad. Gentle press the pad onto your eyes. Do this a couple of times until the eye makeup has come off! Lastly, be careful to not get this mixture in your eyes as it may cause redness and irritation.

The Best Skin of Your Life

Traditional makeup remover is a thing of the past-- because now you have the best tips for how to remove your makeup without having to use harsh products.
So throw away those old makeup wipes and start seeing your skin transform before your eyes. And if you have any more questions about reusable makeup cloths, contact us today!


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