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Properly removing makeup is at the heart of every skin care routine worth its salt. Haven’t you ever noticed how some women wear makeup everyday but they still have that glowy, flawless look?

Removing makeup thoroughly refreshes your skin, keeps it intact, and gives you a clean slate to work with the next day.

Five Best Ways To Remove Makeup Properly | PleasingCare

The Routine 

Make sure your makeup products aren’t acne-causing culprits. Although it’s not a guarantee, it’s best to stick to products labeled with terms such as ‘non-comedogenic,’ ‘non-acnegenic,’ ‘does not clog pores,’ or ‘won't cause breakouts.”

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Even if you wear the most basic products like a moisturizer, eyeliner, or mascara, removing it before bed can do wonders for your skin in the long run.

By removing your makeup at night, you give your skin the chance it needs to breathe. Makeup that’s left overnight often starts clogging your pores and makes your skin oily. If you’ve been stressed with acne and rough skin, improper makeup removal could be the culprit. 

Thankfully, removing makeup isn’t a time-consuming routine. Wondering how to remove makeup step by step? Here’s what you need to know.


Just before you sit down to remove your makeup, give your hands a thorough wash. Your fingers are like tools, so making sure they're clean goes a long way in keeping your skin healthy.


On some days, when you’re feeling too tired or lazy, you may feel like just using wet wipes to rub off your makeup. On such an occasion, use a soft cotton swab instead of scented wipes. Scented wipes can do more harm to your skin than good. Dab a few drops of rose water or micellar water with the cotton pads all over your skin. Remember to do this gently.


Once you’ve wiped off the makeup, use a hot towel over your face and wipe away any residue or impurities that may still remain on your face. Doing this step will ensure that your face is completely clean. Additionally, the warmth of the towel, after a hard day, soothes your facial muscles and unclogs the pores. 


Toner comes next. It’s normal for your skin to feel a bit flushed and inflamed after you’ve removed your makeup. A water or gel based facial toner lends moisture and freshness to your skin. It’s meant to calm irritated skin cells and reduce irritation.


Once the toner has done its job, apply a layer of moisturizer. This step will make sure your pores are clean all night. On dry skin, moisturizers prevent acne breakouts. For those with oily skin, night creams prevent excessive oil secretion while you're asleep.

Five Best Ways To Remove Makeup Properly | PleasingCare

Extra TLC Hacks

Removing makeup is the same for all skin types. What is the best way to remove makeup? Here are some additional, tried-and-tested hacks of daily makeup removal for visible results. 

When To Use A Cleanser

If you’re wearing more makeup than usual, like a thick layer of foundation or matte lipstick, start by using a facial cleanser. Using a foam facial cleanser for extra softness and more efficacy is a great option, too. If your foundation is a long-wear brand, a gentle scrub with your go-to facial cleanser will remove it considerably well. Post cleansing, a makeup remover will ward off impurities like dust and cosmetic residues all the more effectively.

Being Gentle Is Key 

The whole point of removing makeup is to ensure good skin care. When you’re rushing through, you might feel tempted to scrub your makeup off. But, refrain from doing so. You will harm your skin.

To prevent your skin from getting rough, red, and inflamed,  use makeup remover gently on your skin. Gentle movements, when applying the remover or cleanser, improve blood circulation and help skin cells absorb as much oxygen and moisture as possible. Rigorous scrubbing can further damage your skin, making it more vulnerable toward breakouts and infections.

Massaging your skin, as opposed to exfoliating it will loosen the makeup in a safe but effective manner. 

Steam Works Like Magic

On days when you’re really tired and you’ve worn heavy makeup, steam works better than a cleanser. Steam will prep your skin for makeup removal. The hot water molecules will open out your pores and break up the products you have on.

Steam helps your facial muscles relax and allows your skin to breathe. Removing black heads and excess sebum becomes that much easier with steam. If you have extra sensitive skin, the moisture from the water vapor will keep inflammation at bay.

Your Eyes Need Extra Care 

Eye makeup is usually hard to take off. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara take longer than removing any other kind of makeup. Given the fact that your eyes are sensitive, it’s best to avoid scrubbing this area.

One way to simplify the process is to use a waterproof makeup remover.

Do remember, using dry or semi dry cotton swabs won't be to your advantage. Use pre-soaked or pre-moistened cotton pads instead. Simply press the pads over your eyes and leave them on for a few minutes to break up the product. When removing, slide the pads gently but firmly. This way the makeup comes straight off in one go.

What To Do About Stubborn Lipsticks?

Long-lasting lip makeup like matte lipsticks are usually loaded with heavy pigments that don’t wipe off easily. Scrubbing and applying excessive force will only make the lipstick smudge more. For this one, stick to an oil-based makeup remover. These balmy formulas remove lipstick, in no time, without damaging your lips. The best part? They also make your lips soft and keep them crack-free.

The Final Touch

Removing makeup becomes effortless when you use the right kind of products and proper techniques. While every skin type is different, the effects of makeup left overnight is pretty much the same for everyone. All of us have days when we just don’t have the energy to remove makeup but a small step like this will benefit your skin in several ways in the future.

After all, who doesn’t like flawless skin, right?