A daily good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use. While good quality products can help your skin look better and shiny, now as well as in the future, poor quality products can be ineffective and even cause harm.

In this blog we will talk about some of the reasons how you can care about skin and also you can learn more about how to take care of your skin. We will talk about some good products that will be good for your skin care.

So if you've been wondering, about "five best tips Tips for your skin" then keep reading our guide to perfect skin!

What are some of the best skincare tips?

How To Make My Makeup Stay Put All Day

Once I stepped into professional, it was important for my makeup to last the entire day but that is what I continued to struggle with. However, over the years there have been a few things that have worked me. This article will have all the tips that have helped me wear makeup all day without cracking or getting creased.

Prepping My Skin

The first for me is always prepping my skin. No matter what you do to try to make your makeup long-lasting, if you haven’t prepped it with proper skincare, it is going to be useless. Exfoliation and moisturization is critical if you have oily skin like I do.

What are some of the best skincare tips?

I never forget to prime my skin. In addition to sealing my skincare, it further acts as a shield to ensure smoother, long-lasting makeup. I use an oil-free primer as it helps my foundation to spread smoother and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin.


Since I have an oily skin, I make sure I use an oil-free foundation. Often the foundation becomes shiny, this is because your skin is already oily and the oils in the foundation make it worse.


Gently stippling the powder in places I applied liquid products always helps my makeup stick to and not smudge. This not only keeps the oil away but also keeps my products in place. You can also carry a compact with you so you can dab any oil throughout the day.

Waterproof Products

Since I sweat a lot during the summers so it is essential I use waterproof products to minimize slipping of makeup.

Lighter Layers

It is recommended that you use lighter layer of makeup and blend your makeup as it ensures fresher-looking skin and avoids smudging and a cakey look that no one wants. So I try to put as little on my face as possible.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays is a wonderful final touch, especially for all-day events. It not only refreshes my wear but also protects my makeup that lasts all day long. It mattifies, hydrates, or some have illuminating pigments that make the skin glow. I use Urban Decay Long-Lasting Setting Spray.

Avoid Contact with Face

This is probably the most important tip I have ever gotten. After I have finished my makeup, I avoid touching my face too much through the day. This can smudge your makeup and also affect the skin.

Blot, Don’t Reapply

Using blotting papers to soak the oil from your skin works like magic. I don’t even use compact throughout the day rather use the blotting paper to dab the area where I get the most shine.
Makeup removers are very important if you are a person who uses makeup every day. These strip your skin of all the makeup and leaves your skin clean. Never apply makeup before thoroughly cleaning your face first.

What are the Benefits of Facials on Oily Skin?

Washing the face with a good face wash, removing makeup with a makeup remover, or getting rid of oil with blotting paper is not enough for healthy skin. You need deep cleansing of your face weekly, and only a facial can help you with it. Taking care of your skin is imperative and facials and massages are an important step in that routine.

What are some of the best skincare tips?

A facial is a multi-step process that includes exfoliation, moisturization, massaging, and much more. It is like sending your skin on vacation. It brightens and rejuvenates your skin. It is important to make this a part of your routine after you have crossed your 30s. This is when your skin starts to age and wrinkle as well. Many people who have oily skin are confused about whether they need a facial or not. But an oily skin might need it more than normal skin. Here are a few benefits of facial on oily skin.

Removes Excess Oil

A facial involves several steps and scrubbing is one of the essential steps. The scrubbing removes the dead skin and also removes any excess oil that is present. This leaves your skin looking hydrated. Since you are not doing it that frequently, it is the perfect balance your skin requires.

Deep Cleansing

Facials deeply cleanse the skin pores, taking out any impurities. The acne and breakouts are caused when your pores are clogged and dirt is accumulated. So a facial is necessary to make your skin new and clean.

Promotes Better Blood Circulation

The massage your skin gets during a facial improves blood circulation. Effective blood circulation keeps your skin fresh and bright. As the blood circulation is restored, you see immediate results. Oil production can also be somewhat controlled through this. One week or sometimes, dermatologists recommend getting a facial bi-weekly for oily skin.

Reduces Breakouts

People are often reluctant to get skin treatment if they have breakouts, but they fail to understand that the reason behind the breakouts is the accumulation of dirt. If you have oily skin, the chances of breakouts increase. When the skin produces more oil than it requires, it starts to break out. Getting facial regularly keeps the oil production under control, which keeps your skin clean and clear.

Removes Dirt and Bacteria

When you have oily skin, you are more prone to get infected by bacteria and germs, resulting in breakouts. Facials and scrubs clean the pores of any dust or bacterial infections that might be blocking any oxygen to your skin cells.

Paying attention to your skin is important. When your skin starts to break out or you might have uneven skin tone, pay a visit to your dermatologist and get a consultation. Maybe a simple facial will be the answer to all your problems.

What are some of the best skincare tips?

What are Your Tips to Apply Makeup (for teens)?

When you are young, your skin is lovelier and fresh, which is why a little makeup goes a long way. If you are in your teens and are starting to use makeup or want to go a little extra, remember that less is more for everyday makeup. Here are a few tips that helped me when I started using makeup and I am sure they will be a lifesaver for you as well.

Consider Your Skin Type

It is important to pay attention to your skin type. The worst thing I did was use everything my best friend was using, even when we had completely different skin types. If you have oily skin, make sure your Makeup is mostly water-based; stay away from oil-based products. Similarly, for dry skin, use extra moisturizing products.

Drug Store Makeup

You don’t need to spend excessive money on high-end brands. You are just starting and the drug store makeup is affordable and long-lasting. The first few products I bought were a liner, blush, and lip gloss. Believe me or not, but these are the products you need in your teens and nothing more.

Wash Nightly with a Gentle Cleanser

Removing your makeup is very important and cleansing your face regularly is critical. This will ensure that your pores are not clogged and you allow your skin to breathe. The makeup remover you use should be mild.

Use Blotting Paper for Oily Skin

For oily skin, blotting papers are your best friend, instead of using loose powder or compact throughout the day. Adding more makeup over the already applied makeup will make it look cakey and not add to the look. Blotting papers remove excess oil and keep your makeup fresh for a long.

Use Sunscreen

Keeping your skin protected from the sun is important. UV radiations are highly damaging and the correct sunscreen will protect against all damages. Applying sunscreen throughout the day is also effective.

Use BB cream or Concealer Instead of Foundation

Foundation is very heavy for teenage skin and may also react if a wrong product is used. Your skin doesn’t show any fine lines or wrinkles yet and that is why you don’t need a lot of coverage. Use a little concealer under the eye area or hide any acne scars if you have and that is enough. BB creams are also a good alternative to heavy foundations.
You don’t need a lot of makeup to look beautiful; instead of investing too much in makeup, invest in skincare since it will keep your skin healthy from the inside.

What Can I Use to Prevent Sweating When Wearing Makeup?

Most of us tend to sweat in summers which is quite annoying, especially when wearing makeup. Sweat ruins makeup which doesn’t look unappealing and also makes you quite uncomfortable. Makeup and summers can get along if you use products that can control sweating from your face.

Here are some products that you can use to prevent sweating when wearing makeup.

Mattifying Primer

There are various kinds of primers available in the market, but your best choice for summers would be a smoothing or mattifying primer. How you prep your face matters a lot when it comes to wearing makeup. Primer helps in filling the pores to the maximum extent, which blocks the production of sweat. You must add a primer to your makeup routine if you have oily skin. Use a makeup remover before putting on makeup. Incorporate oil-free primers in your routine during summers.

What are some of the best skincare tips?
Light Coverage Foundations

Heavy foundations are good to go for weddings and parties held at night. But for the summer daytime look, a light coverage foundation is the wisest choice. They are less likely to melt and make your skin sweaty.

Blotting Papers

When the weather is too hot, chances are you might sweat, and this will ruin your makeup. In summers, your skin also produces more oil; the blotting paper will be your rescuer. It is the best product to use for removing sweat and oil from your face without ruining your makeup. You can simply dab your face; the t-zone will get the most sweat and oil. It will absorb all sweat and oil and make you look fresh and shine-free.
Using less quantity of makeup is the best tip for summers. Too much makeup increases the chances of getting smudged by sweat. Also, use lightweight and waterproof products.

What are some of the best skincare tips?
Use Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliners

In the summers, waterproof mascara is your best friend because it saves you from looking like you just cried your heart out in the washroom. Waterproof mascara can endure summer sweating so that it won’t melt off easily. Cat eyeliner looks are loved by most of the girls. However, in summers, the liners smudge really easily if they aren’t waterproof. So, switch to water-resistant eyeliners in summers. You must also avoid pencil liners because they don’t last long when your eyelids become moist.

Makeup Setting Spray

Most girls skip this step because it doesn’t seem necessary. However, it is one of the most important steps in makeup, particularly in summers. A setting spray locks the makeup and makes it long-lasting. It prevents your makeup from getting ruined by the sun and heat. Make sure you use a mattifying setting spray during summers to have a shine-free look.

Why does My Skin become Oily after I Take a Shower?

If you have very oily skin and you think nothing is working in your favor, chances are that you are doing something wrong. Many people believe that washing the face excessively will keep the oil away but in reality, it is the opposite of it. When you remove too much oil from the skin, the skin takes it as a red signal and starts to produce oil excessively to compensate for the lost oil. Your oily skin this way become oilier. It took me a long time to realize why my skin got oily even after a shower. But I have finally decoded it. Here are a few reasons why your skin is oilier after a shower:

Washing with Hot Water

When you use very warm water to wash your body or your face, it dries it out. I am a person who likes to take very hot showers and this has had a toll on my body. It was very dry and flaky initially, but then I noticed that it was getting oilier. When your skin is deprived of the oils, the skin, in reaction, starts to produce more oil to meet the skin’s balance.

What are some of the best skincare tips?

What are some of the best skincare tips?
Excessive Scrubbing

There is also a misconception that excessive scrubbing can help your skin, but in reality, it damages your skin. When in the shower and you excessively scrub the skin, you are losing the top layer of the skin. This layer retains the oil in your skin, but with excessive scrubbing, you are losing that. The body naturally produces oils to keep the skin pH in control but complicating your skincare will dry out your skin and this will damage the skin in the long run.

Using the Wrong Products

It is imperative to use the right product on the skin and this is only possible when you know your skin type. Today each skin type has different products, and there is a reason for that. For the longest time, I didn’t put any thought into what kind of body shower I was using or what body soap I was using, but that is not the case. The right skincare will help your skin to heal and also rejuvenate.

Skincare is not about your face but rather the entire body. When you go in to take a shower, make sure you give yourself enough time to give your body the time it requires. Being gentle with the skin is extremely important; exfoliate your skin once a week, and that is enough to keep it going.


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