Top 10 Blotting Papers best seller in amzon store

The revolutionizing skincare industry has introduced several products that have impacted the way people look and carry themselves in society. Blotting paper is one such innovation; it’s a magical piece of paper that takes away the oil on the skin and restores the natural complexion. This portable product can be carried in a purse or even a pocket. Blotting papers are highly absorbent products usually made of rice, cotton, and sometimes flax seeds. Hence, their absorbing properties have made them a hit in the cosmetic industry as well.

Top 10 Blotting Papers best seller in amzon store

Cosmetic blotting papers are used to absorb excess oil and other makeup impurities. Although applicable for all skin types, they are beneficial for oily skins. After applying the makeup, pat it on your skin to remove the oily shine. This gives off a refined matte look for your skin. Since becoming a helpful product in the cosmetic industry, many major companies have come out with their variations.

Although all blotting papers do the same job, some are rated higher than others, for instance, Pleasing Care facial blotting papers. Hundreds of different kinds of papers suitable for all skin types are available on Amazon stores. A quick search on YouTube will show several reviewers reviewing the top-rated blotted papers on amazon. The following information will answer any questions if you want complete details of the top ten rated papers.

Pleasing Care Facial Blotting Papers

Pleasing Care blotting papers are the top-rated ones on the Amazon. A brief history of the company will justify why this product is a top-rated and highly liked one. Pleasing Care has been in the cosmetic industry for over 20 years. It has an active research and development team that works tirelessly to develop products that help remove makeup easily while keeping the skin healthy. The company solely works on manufacturing products that help in makeup removal; this is why their blotting paper products are in high demand.

Pleasing Care has been a top seller on amazon for the past eight years, and it's down to its product quality and affordability. Its blotting paper has been reviewed to be the most effective for all skin types. The best thing about these blotting tissue papers is their versatility. Besides removing oil from the skin, they are also used in gyms, outdoor activities, cars, or offices. Also, they are gender-neutral and can be used without any hesitations or reservations about a particular skin type. Easy dispenser packing way is also a great design!

Bamboo-Charcoal Paper

Pleasing Care's blotting papers are made of bamboo charcoal. They are made of pure linen fibers, which are extremely friendly for your skin. A finely powdered bamboo charcoal is infused with linen fibers. Charcoal's absorbing properties are well-known, and using bamboo charcoal absorbs and protects the skin. It absorbs all the oils and other impurities from your skin, resulting in fresh and glowing skin with a clear complexion. This type is suitable for all skin types and is the perfect product to keep your skin fresh all the time. They come in a standard size of 3.35 x 2.56 x 0.2 inches and weigh 0.26 pounds.

Another active ingredient used by the same company is green tea. The company also manufactures blotting papers made out of green tea leaves. Green tea is known for its restoring properties, and the same applies to blotting papers made out of it. Since both types are made of 100% natural products, they are skin-friendly and do their job efficiently. Moreover, they come in excellent packing, are easy to carry, and keep the papers fresh and clean.


Blotting papers by Pleasing Care come in 3 different price ranges. Each pack consists of 100 blotting papers and is also available at discounted prices. For example, you can buy a pack of 100 for just $6.95 or a pack of two for $11.95. However, to get the best deal, buy a pack of 6 for just $29.95; you will save around $23 on this deal. Log in to the amazon store to read reviews from satisfied customers. With over 11,925 ratings, you can't go wrong when choosing pleasing care's blotting papers. They are most effective against oily skins but can also be used for other skin types without any worries.


Zorom's Natural Blotting Paper

Zorom's products have been appreciated for their natural ingredients and positive effects on the skin. Its blotting paper products are the second highest-rated on Amazon stores. The company's products are environmentally friendly as well since they are made of bio-degradable and renewable materials. All these aspects make their beauty products not only safe for the skin but also for the environment.

Types :

1. Bamboo-Charcoal:As the name suggests, they are made of activated bamboo charcoal, which allows for maximum absorption. However, compared to PleasingCare’s bamboo-charcoal blotting paper, the Zorom’s paper seems less natural fiber and is more hard that some customers said it may bring harm to your skin.


2. Green Tea Papers:These papers are made of green tea extracts. Green tea keeps the body fresh and healthy, and the same properties are shown when used on the skin. The product is natural and helps keep the skin fresh for an extended period.

Although they are advertised for oily skins, you can use them with all skin types. Zorom's blotting papers are also 25% larger in size than other papers. On the other hand, their large size is also one of their drawbacks. Smaller sizes allow for a better cleaning of the t-zone and the areas around the neck and ear. With a larger-sized blotting paper, you might need to fold it or use other methods to clear excess oils from the said regions. And it’s not so easy to put the bigger package into anywhere such as pockets.


A pack of Zorom's blotting papers has 100 sheets and costs around $5.95. However, a bundle of three and a six-pack costs around $9.95 and $17.75, respectively. So if you consider this brand, go for a bundle of six-packs to get the best value for your money.

Palladio Rice Paper

Palladio has been a cosmetic giant for many years now. Its products are well-liked and some of the most affordable ones in the cosmetic industry. However, Palladio's claim to fame is its usage of botanical and vitamin-infused ingredients in the products. It mostly uses anti-oxidant vitamins like A, C, D, and E and botanical materials like green tea, aloe, and ginseng. All these products are known to nourish and keep the skin healthy.

Palladio's blotting paper is primarily made from rice is also an excellent absorbent. Rice papers are thin but are efficient at removing excess oil and other dirt from the skin. These properties help keep the makeup fresh on the face and give off a fresh and clean look.

Rice Blotting Paper

Palladio's blotting papers are exclusively made of 100% natural rice. As a result, apart from Pleasing Care facial blotting papers, they are one of the only few used professionally by makeup artists

Palladio Rice Paper Facial Tissues for Oily Skin

worldwide. These papers are thin in texture and feel great against the skin. They are suitable for all skin types and do the job perfectly in a single swipe. Just take out a paper, wipe the affected areas or the whole face, and that's it. But, some users have reviewed the product to be unhelpful with acne, and some have complained about the packing. For example, the narrow opening sometimes rips the paper, which becomes useless. Further, the product is not available in Asian countries, which is a major cosmetics market.


They are available in a pack of 40 sheets on amazon stores and cost around $4.80. You can also buy a pack of 3 or 6 at $14.49 and $26.99, respectively. It comes in compact packaging, which is easy to carry and use. The sheets are warm, beige with dimensions of 2.09 x 0.31 x 3.25 inches and 0.04 pounds in weight. If you want to give your skin the best care, then Palladio's blotting paper is the product for you.

NYX Blotting Papers

NYX professional makeup company is based in Los Angeles, America. Its products are professionally used around the world. Its entire cosmetic range is free from animal-derived agents, and it is one of the few companies that offer vegan products as well; it discourages the use of animal by-products in the products. Its cosmetic range is well-liked by professionals and other people for their health effects on the skin.


NYX blotting papers are the fourth-highest rated in this category. With a 1612 rating on the store, their fine quality attracts the customers. In addition, they are relatively smaller and lighter than the previously mentioned blotting paper. They weigh around 0.8 grams and are 0.13 x 4 x 3 inches in size, making them perfect for carrying in makeup boxes or purses. They are primarily used to remove excess oil but can be used for other absorption purposes as well.

Matte Blotting Paper

NYX blotting paper is purely made of paper pulp. No bamboo charcoal, rice, or green tea is used in their manufacturing. Instead, paper pulp is processed and integrated to manufacture NYX blotting papers. The final product has a matte finish that allows you to give your makeup the same finish. Nonetheless, consumers have complained that it doesn’t soak up the oil completely despite its qualities and usually requires more than one paper to complete the job.


These come in a single pack of 50, costing around $4. Their affordability and affectability are what make them a hit with the ladies. However, some users have complained that the product is too expensive, and they actively searched for alternative blotting papers that do the same job but at a reasonable price.

Clean & clear oil control film

Clean & clear is world-renowned for its range of beauty and other skincare products. It develops all sorts of beauty products, including blotting papers. On the amazon store, they are exclusively sold by the Beauty Kate store. They are sold as oil control films which are very useful in removing oil from the skin. Each paper is around 2.3 x 3.3 inches in size, making them perfect for carrying in your purse. They can be used multiple times during the day without worrying about any irritations on the skin.

Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers

These papers are made of polypropylene, not so natural as other brands but still effectively absorbs oil from your skin, making it less shiny. Mineral oils are also used to manufacture Clean & Clear blotting papers making them an excellent choice even after applying the complete makeup. In addition, they are made from skin-friendly materials, making them compatible with all skin types.


A standard packing includes 60 sheets of oil-absorbing blotting papers, costing you around $7 to $8. However, on Amazon stores, you can only buy a pack of 5 containing 300 sheets at $21.99. This is where the product losses most of its customers. These blotting papers are expensive and not readily available in some markets. You can find cheaper alternatives like Pleasing Care blotting papers, which are the top-rated ones on Amazon stores. Besides, some customers reviewd the Clean & Clear blotting paper will take extra moisture from your skin thus make your face feel too tight and dry.

Clean & clear oil control film

Teenitor Blotting Sheets

Teenitor is one of the best-listed cosmetic manufacturing companies on Amazon store. It manufactures anything from nail polish to heat-resistant gloves. Its blotting papers are also highly rated and trusted on the amazon store. It ranks sixth on amazon's top-rated seller list in the blotting paper category. Teenitor blotting papers and other products are also manufactured using 100% natural products, making them ideal for all skin types. However, their blotting paper is especially effective against oily skins.

Teenitor Oil Blotting Sheets

Oil Blotting Sheets

Teenitor blotting papers are made of natural linen fibers and infused with green tea extracts. As mentioned previously, green tea restores skin properties, making it a perfect ingredient in skincare products. The linen texture makes the paper soft and light against any skin, and the green tea gives off a fresh look after every use. Furthermore, they remove excess oil easily without overly drying the skin. Apart from their cosmetic properties, they can also clean dirt and other impurities from the skin. In addition, they are gender-neutral and can be used daily without any side effects. Another positive of using teenitor blotting papers is their size and that both sides of the paper are usable. They measure around 10 cm x 7 cm and are perfect for cleaning your whole face with a single piece of paper. /p>

However, some consumers have negatively reviewed the product as they were not satisfied with the material and its absorption. Some customers are also not convinced with its pricing and feel they are not getting the best value for their money.


The papers have a polka dot pattern on them and come in a pack of 100 sheets costing around $5.99. However, you can buy a pack of 4 at $8.99 or 8 at $12.99, depending on your usage. So buying a pack of 8 gets the maximum value for your money.

Beauty Kate Papers

Another one of the top ten rated blotting paper products, Beauty Kate, is an exclusive dealer of Clean & Clear blotting papers on amazon. Clean & Clear products over the years have been appreciated for their quality, and their blotting papers are no different. The natural ingredients used in the paper allow the skin to stay fresh by removing oil, dirt, and other impurities from the skin. Beauty Kate blotting papers have a favorable rating of 756 on Amazon due to the seller's trust for its timely response and excellent customer care services. They are also recommended by Amazon, which gives customers the confidence to buy the product without any hesitation.

Control Film Blotting Papers

These papers are made of polypropylene and essential oils, which are incredibly efficient in removing excess oil and keeping the skin fresh. They are small in size, making them easy to carry and perfect for daily use.

A major drawback of the product is that a third-party supplier delivers it. There are a couple of reviews by clients where they have mentioned a complaint about unavailability or late delivery of the product. Also, It is much more expensive than some of the papers mentioned in this list.


They are available in a pack of 60 sheets; however, they are only available in a pack of 2 containing 120 sheets on Amazon. The product will set you back $11.99. The sheets measure around 2.3 x 3.3 inches, which is the perfect size to clean your entire face with a single sheet.

Beauty Kate Oil absorbing oil Blotting Paper Same Series with Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Facial Sheets

Clean & Clear Absorbing Sheets

This is the third entry of Clean & Clear blotting paper reflecting their importance in the cosmetic industry. The differences between this and the previous two entries are the size of blotting paper and the parent company exclusively selling them. Another significant difference is that these papers are only compatible with oily skins, you can use them on other skin types, but the best results are seen on an oily one.

Clean & Clear Absorbing Sheets

Absorbing Blotting Papers

Their composition is the same as the previous ones; they are made of polypropylene and mineral oils. They are thin in texture and feel soothing against the skin. A couple of swipes will remove the oil from the skin and make it fresh. No matter how many times you use them, they don't affect your skin and control the shine and excess oil on your face. They come in a 1.4 x 3.25 x 5 inches size, smaller than the ones mentioned above. Their small size causes a bit of inconvenience since you might be required to use more than one.


The packing consists of 50 blotting papers, which cost around $6.59. Unluckily, there are no bundled packages for this product, which makes it an expensive option.

Beakey oil-absorbing rollers

BK Beakey and its makeup products are some of the most highly rated on amazon stores. Their oil-absorbing roller is unique in the sense; it's not a blotting paper technically. Instead, all the properties of a blotting paper are made available in a roll-on product. Don't worry; your skin will get the same benefits of blotting paper. Due to its roller form, the product is known to soothe facial muscles and improve the blood circulation of the face. They are suitable for all skin types but perform best when used against oily skin.

Rolling Absorbers

Beaky oil-absorbing rollers are made of natural volcanic stones. They don't have any taste and are also good at preventing different skin allergies. Since they are also made of natural ingredients, they don't affect the skin negatively. They are also easy to use, and their portability makes them a hit with all the ladies. Just roll it over the area with excess oil; the volcanic stone will absorb all the oil and other dust particles from the skin while also massaging it.

However, despite its advantages, the volcanic stone needs extensive cleaning to be used the next time. Any impurity from the previous use can result in skin infections such as acne or redness.


The roller measures 1.18 x 1.18 x 3.03 inches in size and weighs around 0.09 pounds. A single stick will cost you around $8.99. Its reusability is the reason why you should opt for a beaky oil-absorbing roller.

BK Oil-absorbing Volcanic Roller, Reusable Portable Oily Skin Control Roller

Varuza Blotting Papers

These blotting papers are manufactured by a Korean company called Varuza. It is known for only using bio-degradable materials in its product which also protects the environment. Like all other papers, Varuza's blotting papers are liked for their absorption properties while keeping the skin healthy.

Varuza Blotting Papers

Natural hemp papers

Made from activated bamboo charcoal, they are lightweight and suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, as discussed above, bamboo-charcoal is known for its absorption abilities; therefore, these papers are the most effective for oil suction from the skin.

Unfortunately, since they are not made of natural linen fibers, their durability often comes into question. Some users have complained that the paper rips during usage, so you end up using more than one paper.


They are the only ones that come with a mirror in the packing. However, the prices are economical, with a pack of 100 sheets costing around $6.99.

To protect your skin and remove excess oil from it, always use branded blotting paper. Log in to Amazon and choose a blotting paper from the above list to give your skin the best care. All these products are manufactured using natural products, so feel free to buy them without worrying about your skin. Try and buy these products in bundle deals to save some extra money which you can use to buy other beauty products from amazon.