Fresh-Faced Skincare: What’s the Best Blotting Paper for Oily Skin?

Are you looking for the best beauty products to manage oily skin? Absorb the oil away! Learn more about the best blotting paper for oily skin.You can find the best products to manage your oily skin.

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Have you ever been on a night out, and noticed that your forehead or nose has gotten a little bit oily? The perfect look you planned for yourself is now a bit shinier than you’d like, and you wish you had a way to clean up that oil.
With blotting paper for face, you can quickly fix this issue. Additionally, it can improve your oily skin routine and help you avoid getting acne if that’s something your oily skin sometimes causes.
However, how do you find the best blotting paper for oily skin? If you don’t have this answer, you might feel overwhelmed as you do your research online.

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That’s why we’ve put together this article. In it, we’ll review the best blogging paper for oily skin that’s available. Finally, you can find the best blotting paper for your oily skin. Read on to learn more.

PleasingCare Products

Some of the best products for oily skin are made by PleasingCare. These include the Natural Blotting Paper - Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil - Handy Absorbing Tissues, and the Natural Green Tea Oil Absorbing Tissues. We’ll cover their benefits now.

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Because of the natural linen fibers present in these blotting tissues, they’re extra-absorbent. Additionally, the green tea ingredients in one and the organic bamboo charcoal ingredients in the other will assist in wicking away the oil that appears on your face.

pleasing care Protects the Skin

Protects the Skin

One of the greatest benefits of these blotting papers is that they protect the skin. Their ingredients that are totally natural have restorative powers that will be beneficial to your skin. Additionally, they will keep in the moisture that is necessary while removing the oil.

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If you want a quick fix to your oily skin, you can use the blotting paper available through PleasingCare. Simply press one against your face in all the areas where oil appears, and you’ll immediately have less shine. You can do this quickly whether you’re getting ready at home or when you’re out.

pleasing care Practical Dispenser

Practical Dispenser

The dispensers for these PleasingCare products are easy to use. You’ll only pull out one sheet every time, as they won’t stick together. This will prevent you from wasting extra tissues, and it will also keep your remaining tissues sanitary and fresh.

Double-Sided Sheets

If your face is especially oily, you may have noticed when using blotting paper in the past that using one single sheet wasn’t enough to remove the oil away from your skin. Fortunately, these blotting papers are double-sided.
For this reason, once you’ve removed a lot of oil with one side, you can use the other to remove any excess oil. You won’t have to waste as many sheets, which is better both for your budget and the environment.

100% Biodegradable

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An issue that many people come across when buying beauty products is that they aren’t biodegradable, which means that they can have negative effects on the planet. When you buy these oil-absorbing tissues, you won’t have this problem.
They’re 100% biodegradable, so they’ll break down when you throw them away. This biodegradation occurs through the process of bacteria and other organisms that are living decomposing the paper, which will then not cause any pollution like other products might.

Prevents Acne

One of the problems people with oily skin have is that they often experience breakouts, blackheads, and other types of acne. Fortunately, with these blotting paper options, you can prevent acne from developing on your skin.
This is for three reasons. First of all, they’ll absorb the oil on your face effectively, so there will be less oil that causes breakouts. Second, they’ll draw out any impurities that are clogging your pores.
Third, because of the natural bamboo charcoal’s superfine grain, you won’t be clogging your pores when using this product. (With the green tea blotting paper, the green tea doesn’t clog your pores either.) While many beauty products might leave residue on your face that causes this to occur, this won’t occur with the PleasingCare blotting papers.

No Chemicals

In addition to not being great for your skin, beauty products that have too many chemicals in them can also be bad for the environment. That’s why it’s smart to look for beauty products that are all-natural and don’t contain any chemicals.
When you purchase the PleasingCare oil-absorbing tissues, you’re buying a product that doesn’t have any chemicals.
This product only contains the paper itself, which is either made from organic bamboo charcoal and linen fibers or green tea. It is 100% natural.
The combination of the fibers and charcoal naturally removes oil without adding any chemicals to your face. The green tea ingredient will do the same.

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For All Skin Types

Whether your skin is oily all over or you have combination skin, you can use these blotting papers to effectively and comfortably remove oil from your skin. Additionally, if your skin is sensitive or is prone to issues such as acne or eczema, you won’t have to worry.
Even if you have dry skin, you can use these blotting papers to absorb any oil that has appeared slightly or dirt that has accumulated on your skin.

The result? In addition to soaking up the oil, these blotting papers will leave your skin feeling refreshed.
These blogging papers are designed for all skin types, so whatever skin you have, you’ll be able to enjoy the results of using these beauty products.

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These tissues are also incredibly versatile when it comes to use. You can use these tissues at the office, while playing sports, at the gym, or at home before you start your day or go out for the evening.
They’re the perfect addition to your at-home makeup collection and are easy to store anywhere, whether that’s your purse or in a drawer at your work desk.
Finally, they’re a perfect size, so they’re easy to stash anywhere, while still having a large enough size that you’re only using a small amount when removing the oil from your face.

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For Any Gender

Sometimes, it can be frustrating for people to find that a product they wish could use is only designed for another gender. Fortunately, these products can be used by anyone of any gender. The packaging of the products doesn’t define them as being used by any specific person in this way.
Unlike with other beauty products, you won’t have any added scent or change to how you look when you use these blotting papers for oily skin. Instead, you’ll get only the intended result: the removal of oil from your face.

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Very Soft

Are you worried about damaging your skin when putting a product on it? Or maybe you’re afraid that the oil blotting paper you use might be a bit harsh on your skin. Fortunately, with these oil-blotting tissues, you won’t experience this problem.
Because of the superfine grain of the bamboo charcoal ingredients, these tissues are very soft. If you choose to buy the blotting paper with green tea, they will also be gentle on your skin.
You’ll barely be able to tell your pressing them against your skin until you pull them away and see how much oil they’ve soaked up from your skin.


One of the problems many people with oily skin experience is that they use a beauty product only to find that it adds more oil to their skin. This can happen even with oil-blotting papers, which will sometimes include a low amount of mineral oil.
While this amount can be low on the scale used for measuring comedogenicity, it could contribute to clogging pores of skin that’s acne-prone.
However, with the PleasingCare blotting papers, you won’t have this problem. They’re oil-free and help remove oil from your face with their special ingredients, so they’re a great choice if your skin is acne-prone or very oily.

Oil-Fighting Ingredients

When you buy blotting paper for oily skin, the product is sometimes merely a piece of paper. While this might remove some oil, it’s better to buy a product that has ingredients that assist in lifting oil away from the skin gently.
With the products available through PleasingCare, the ingredients such as charcoal and natural green tea oil will target the oil on your face so that it is more powerfully removed.

Perfect for Delicate Skin

Some people have incredibly delicate skin. Maybe they’re more likely to have allergic reactions to the products they put on their skin or their skin gets red, puffy, or feels some pain when they apply something to it.

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If this is the case for you, you don’t have to worry about using these blotting papers. They’re perfect for delicate skin because their ingredients are all-natural, soothing, and won’t cause you to have an allergic reaction.

They Last a Long Time

One of the problems that occur when you use other products, such as normal tissues, to remove oil from your face, is that it will quickly come back. With these blotting papers, you don’t have this problem because of the ingredients that specifically target the oil on your face.
Additionally, the number of sheets in each pack is high. With 100 sheets in each pack, you’ll use them slowly over time.
You have the option to buy a one-pack, two-pack, or six-pack, depending on how much you expect to use. Either way, your blotting papers will last a long time, which means you won’t have to re-order for quite a while.

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Won’t Mess up Your Makeup

One of the best benefits of these tissues is they won’t mess up your makeup. Even if you’re wearing a full face of moisturizer, foundation, primer, and any other type of makeup, you can quickly dab your face to remove excess oil.
These tissues will also freshen up your face, so your makeup will actually look better after you’ve used them.

Gives You the Right Look

These tissues don’t only remove oil. They also have a beneficial aesthetic effect. You’ll have a petal-fresh, photo-ready look. Whether you want to look good before a night out or are about to take some pictures, you’ll have the right look with these tissues.

Super Fast Shipping

Another benefit of buying one of these blotting paper for oily skin products is super fast shipping. When you buy from PleasingCare, you can get your products shipped fast if you live in the UK, the US, Canada, and Japan.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you buy skincare products from PleasingCare, you always get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you can buy the products, and if you don’t enjoy them, you’ll get your money back.

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This means you can try them out without risking your money.
Within 30 days, you can return your product, getting all your money back with no questions asked.

Interested in Buying Blotting Paper for Face?

Now that you’ve learned about the best blotting paper for face, you might be interested in buying one of these products. If so, you can buy the Natural Green Tea Oil Absorbing Tissues or the Natural Blotting Paper - Bamboo Charcoal Face Oil - Handy Absorbing Tissues from PleasingCare.
At PleasingCare, we’re experts when it comes to beauty products. We have lots of tips to help you with your oily skin routine, and a great range of products.
To learn more about the blotting paper for oily skin products we sell, check them out now.

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