Do shampoo everyday doing harm?


Many people believe that shampoo everyday is unhealthy for many reasons. If your reason is not because of lazy, then you can check out below big misconceptions about everyday shampoo.

Do shampoo everyday doing harm? | PleasingCare 

Myth 1Sleeping with wet hair will lead to headache, and blowing the hair to dry will damage the hair.


This is wrong! No scientific evidence shows that sleeping with wet hair can lead to headaches or colds. If you are used to sleeping with dry hair , you can absorb the water on the hair with towel firstly, then use hair dryer at low temperature. Just keep it constantly moving, and pay attention to keep the distance between in between above 10 centimeters, which won’t damage the hair.


Myth 2:There is no hair type right after washing, and it looks better after couple days later when it become oily.


This is Wrong! There is no hair type right after washing, because the oil hasn’t distribute from the hair root to the tip. If we wait until the oil distribution down to the hair tip, then there will be a lot of dirt got on hair , directly harming personal health and beauty. If you are afraid of fluffy hair , hair moisturizer or disposal one can be used independently on the hair.

Do shampoo everyday doing harm? | PleasingCare 

Myth 3:  Shampoo every day can easily cause hair loss.

This is wrong! The hair roots deeply shape in the scalp, while the general effect taken on the hair can’t have impact on the hair roots. Any high quality hair products would not cause hair loss, as well as affecting the hair growth cycle. Only when shampooing rudely can cause hair loss.


Myth 4: shampoo products contain a large number of chemical composition, which will harm the head skin and dry the hair if having shampoo every day.


This is wrong! As the growing of technology, the high quality of chemical composition of hair care products with moderate acidity will not cause any stimulation to scalp if using every day through a large number of clinical trials research. Instead , using good hair products can form a protective film on the scalp , surpass the sebum secretion of oneself.


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