Women with different ages, need different cosmetic ingredients, so pay attention to different foods nutrition intake in different age, give you more face care!

 Different ages need different beauty ingredients | PleasingCare

From 10-13 years old: calcium. Parents should arrange the food for the development of strong bones to their children, including low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu and green vegetables.


From 14-18 years old: iron. Young women need extra iron to supplement the loss of iron due to menstruation; the iron-rich foods include red meat, shellfish, and cereals.


From 19-25 years old: Vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables contain most of these important vitamins to reduce the influence to the body caused by the smoking and alcohol. The people under pressure should absorb more vitamin C.


From 26-35 years old: folic acid. The ladies who want to be pregnant or the pregnant women need more folic acid, the foods with most folic acid include green vegetables, fruits and orange juice.


From 35-45 years old: anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants can help to slow aging and fight disease; you can eat more fruits and vegetables.

Different ages need different beauty ingredients | PleasingCare 

From 45 to 50 years old: fatty acids. Middle-aged women should eat foods rich in fatty acids, such as sardines, tuna and soy products, to relieve the menopausal discomfort. Men should eat the foods containing zinc to prevent prostate problems.


Above 50 years old: low-fat, high-fiber. Eat low-fat and high-fiber foods can help to reduce the probability of suffering the heart disease and cancer. These foods include cereals, fruits and green vegetables.


We will give you more healthy life knowledge; let you have a healthy, beautiful and confident body. Of course, we will provide some healthy natural beauty products to you.

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