Does making love several times one night influential to health?


Guide language: First of all, the body appear excited response (sexual arousal) under the stimulate of caresses and sexual fantasies, having short breath, increased heart rate (increased by more than 10 times/min), facial flushing, spiritual thrilling. It feel that the breast and nipple hyperemia swelling , with a slight pleasure if touching. Vulvar secrete a small amount of liquid, and there will be reflective muscle contraction of the vagina occasional with obvious pleasure.

After the penis insertion, the body gets further excitement under the stimulus of penis twitching. There appears obvious pelvic congestion and vagina muscle contraction, which wrapped around the penis (plateau) tightly , having more apparent stimulation to the penis to produce strong pleasure.

Does making love several times one night influential to health | PleasingCare 

On the basis of the plateau, women can achieve orgasm in about five to ten minutes ( longer or shorter time) , with appearance of congestion red on skin all over the body , eyes closed lightly , pleasure expressions or moaning , short breath, increasing heart rate (over 100 times/min). The breast and nipple will be further swelling , the labia of majora uplifted to outer sides, small vulva appeared dark yellow and outward, the clitoris changed to be thick and long with erection, up to the pubic symphysis part of the body.

The vulva part has transparent liquid secretion, and the most fundamental characteristic is the strong rhythmic contraction of the lower vaginal sphincter pelvic floor muscles and systemic skeletal muscle . It is unconscious powerful rhythmic contraction that enable warm and strong pleasure throughout the whole body without thinking, and the whole consciousness is naturally immersed in intense pleasure and orgasm with extreme happiness.


Finally is fading, the muscles rhythmic during orgasm will be twitching for about 5 to 30 seconds before gradually stop. Physical sexual response such as pelvic congestion, will be gradually fading in 20 to 30 minutes, and the body recover to normal status.



In the process, multiple sexual intercourse may have below affects to the health :

Does making love several times one night influential to health | PleasingCare 


First , the penis insertion into vagina many times would have impacts on women' health.


The penis inserting and twitching in vagina is a mechanical stimulation, at the same time may bring the bacteria to it. Vagina is composed of stratified squamous epithelium, having the strong ability of resistance to friction. There is no problem if there is no pain when the penis stimulate, even there are increased intercourse and longer sexual intercourse period. Some women has obvious pain when the penis insert, which may be related to lack of caress, insufficiency of vaginal liquid, or psychological fear of sexual intercourse. All of this can make the excessive muscle spasm of vagina, and also may be caused by existed vaginal inflammation.


If having sexual intercourse for many times, the penis may bring some bacteria into the vagina if penis or feminine vulva is not clean enough , increasing the chance of vaginal infections. However, the natural growth of lactobacillus in the vagina can produce lactic acid, adjusted the acidity of the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the Ph is about 4. 5. Generally speaking, the bacteria in the acidic environment is unable to survive. Vagina have a certain ability to resist infection, therefore,  many times of sex does not lead to vaginal infections with the normal body immunity even in a short period of time.


Second, the multiple orgasm's influence on women's health.


Orgasm is a human instinct produced in the long-term evolution . Human body has the ability to launch and bear the orgasm naturally. Orgasm reaction, therefore, has no damage for women' health. Modern science and the research results show that orgasm can improve the functional status of the body, which is beneficial to health of body and mind.


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