Does the skin pruritus only because of the dryness?

Guide language: In the autumn and winter, body skin pruritus problem is always linked with dryness of the nature. The body lack of nourishes will make itch problem more obviously in a large extent , but this does not mean that it is the only incentive of drying that make the systemic crazy .ok. let Pleasingcare tell you more this knowledge.

Does the skin pruritus only because of the dryness? | PleasingCare 

skin dryness led by seasons change

The body is a whole organic with acid alkali, and the skin will be interfered by the temperature or other environmental factors when the seasons change, such as dry itching. At this point the ph balance of skin surface  will be broken , in lack of necessary sebum and moist as the lubricant. The friction between the clothes and the skin also exacerbate the itch in our life the. When seasons change , we need to use more nourishing moisturizing products additionally, and the adjustment of the diet and sleeping is also important.


Skin function degradation

With the growth of the age, skin itching problems will be more apparent, this is because the skin and other organs have started natural aging, sebaceous glands function degenerated . The skin began to atrophy , and the skin surface and intracellular for improving the ability of self defense are in the shortage .The nerve endings are more susceptible to stimulation. For aged and light aged skin, it should not only pay attention to moisture against the skin itching , and also eating some foods that are rich in natural moisturizing ingredient, such as nuts or abyssal fishes.

Does the skin pruritus only because of the dryness? | PleasingCare 

Seasonal allergies

Normal moisturizing products do not have too big effect on seasonal skin itching problems basically , and some of the food in peace or secondly contacted with us are likely to become allergic source at this time. If itching problem is hard to alleviate in autumn or winter , it is best turning to dermatologist for help as early as possible, at the same time using some antihistamines anti-allergic drugs for improvement.


Negative emotions disturbance

It often appears the symptom of skin itching when people was interfered by negative emotions , this is because the skin's immune system will be activated by stimulation. When the immune cells reaction is too intense , it will feel itchy, and it also exists among the people who has been under pressure, depressed or anxious state for long. The most effective way against skin itching problems caused by negative emotions is to ease our mood in time, and take some vitamin B group, helping suppress the hyperactive.


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