Five health alert from dark circles


We all know that staying up late for a long time and lack of sleep can cause dark circles. In fact, there is a lot of physical diseases can also cause the appearance of dark circles in addition to this reason. Dark circles is the alarm signal of the body. Since then, how can we Methods of removing dark circles?

Five health alert from dark circles | PleasingCare 

dark circles alert 1: irregular menstruation

dark circles portray: exist for a long time

For women, if dark circles exist for a long time, probably having dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks that menoxenia, dysmenorrhea is caused by blood disorders leading by qi and blood stagnation. And dark circles is facial expression of qi dysfunction. In addition, the menstruation too much or women with functional uterine bleeding are easy to appear with dark circles.

Five health alert from dark circles | PleasingCare 

Methods of removing dark circles:


If it is caused by irregular periods, so you need to regulate your menstrual. It is suggested to proceed recuperation and treatment under the guidance of a doctor .



dark circles alert 2: kidney deficiency


dark circles portray: eyes without the shine, dark circles around eyes


Traditional medicine think that dark circles is caused by the kidney deficiency. Kidney essence deficiency will lead to lack of nutrients in the eyes moist, then the blackness of kidney will appear on. So the eyes will become glassy and with dark circles. If the lifestyle is not healthy for a long-term and having sex is excessive, it is easy to have dark circles.


Methods of removing dark circles:


To prevent excessive overworked, staying up late and have a regular life. Meanwhile, to strengthen inner beauty and be happy. To prevent the intense emotional change. We can eat foods of high calcium, such as bone soup, cool food and medicinal materials such as Chinese yam, honeysuckle, mung beans, and cassia seed, etc.


dark circles alert 3: gastritis


dark circles portray: strong dark circles,  pale blue and large scope


If having long-term digestion and absorption hypofunction of patients with chronic gastritis, gastritis attack will repeatedly appear and dark circles will also aggravate. The patients with neurasthenia and visceral disease, especially chronic gastrointestinal diseases, can also appear dark circles.


Methods of removing dark circles:


Treating chronic gastrointestinal diseases lies more important in the aftercare of daily life in addition to treatment. It should be insisted on reasonable diet and avoid overeating. Pay attention to diet health, not producing extra stimulus to the fragile gastrointestinal . The dark circles will ease naturally if well regulate the gastrointestinal.



dark circles alarm 4: rhinitis


dark circles portray: dark circles from sneezing


Dark circles may also have relations with nose problems. If you are sneezing and runny nose all the year round on the morning, it will strengthen the dark circles caused by increased blood flow nearby the venous sinus under the eyes.


Methods of removing dark circles:


In addition to active treatment of your rhinitis , you also need to pay attention to the following points. Don't stay in a smoke-filled environment, and avoid additional stimulus to the nose. At the same time, pay attention to the cold air in the morning and evening which may stimulate the trachea and cause allergic sneezing. Do not sneeze too hard, because that would oppress the capillaries of skin.



dark circles alert 5: liver disease


dark circles portray: having pigmentation around the face and eyes


Dark circles is the external performance of some chronic diseases such as chronic liver disease, especially the ones with long-term liver hypofunction, hepatomegaly, who will have long-term dark circles. Approximately 20% of patients with liver disease will be having pigmentation around the face and eyes in exposed place, shaping dark circles.

Five health alert from dark circles | PleasingCare 


Methods of removing dark circles:


The treatment of chronic liver disease is give priority to rest and diet, to reduce the burden on the liver and provide full nutrition at the same time. This is for the purpose of repairing the damaged liver cells, restoring liver function. We need to take in rich protein such as milk, eggs and meat,  in order to guarantee the need of liver cell repairing and regeneration. In order to meet the needs of the hepatic glycogen content in the cell and its metabolism, carbohydrate and vitamin should be adequate supplied. We should also stick to a low-fat diet at the same time, not only reducing the burden of the liver, but also restoring our health.



In general, if a woman have dark circles because of staying up late and lack of sleep once in a while, it ‘s a normal phenomenon to remove dark circles as long as adequate rest . But if there often appear this kind of circumstance , we should pay attention to it . Since it is likely to be healthy black alert for us.


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