Guide: As age grows , wrinkles began to appear slowly on our beautiful face. However , are you ready to deal with the presence of wrinkles when it  appear or even haven't appeared? Do you know what kind of detail can affect the appearance of wrinkles?  The beauty editor are now going to provide a lessen for the beautiful girls about how to wash away the wrinkles and make a smooth watery beauty.

Seven magic steps of washing face: Wash away the wrinkles on the face | PleasingCare

7 steps of wash away the wrinkles on the face

Wrinkles make the face look aged, no matter what kind of good makeup technology cannot cover the annoying wrinkles. If you want to solve the problem of wrinkles, you should start with washing. With correct washing method, these problems naturally go away. Now come with us and learn to wash away the wrinkles!


Step one: Removing makeup thoroughly

To apply appropriate amount of cleansing oil on the palm, rubbing over before applying to the face. We should clean the face on the basis of circling. Pay attention of the nose part because it is the easiest part for dirt accumulation. Finally, clean the face with warm water. Of course, you also can use makeup removing lotion or cleansing foaming gel except for cleansing oil .


Step 2: wet the face with warm water

It is not good to cleaning to wash face with cold water directly, and it’s easy to make the skin wrinkles with overheat water. Accurate method is to use warm water, to make sure pore stretched adequately and won't lost the natural moisturizing oil of skin too much.


Step 3: fully frothing the cleanser

The amount of cleanser should be the size of a dime without taken overmuch. First of all, froth the cleanse fully. It is forgotten by most people, which can’t achieve the effect of cleaning, and also cause pimples with remaining residual.


Step 4: massage the face with 15 circles gently

Put the bubble on the face gently and massage with circle. Do not massage too hard, so as to avoid wrinkles. Massage the face with 15 circles to keep the bubble all over the entire face.


Step 5:wash away the cleanser

Some women are fear of residual and wipe up the face cleanser forcibly with towel. This is bad for our delicate skin. We should use a wet towel and press on the face gently several times. It can remove cleanser, and do not harm the skin.

 Seven magic steps of washing face: Wash away the wrinkles on the face | PleasingCare

Step 6: check the hairline carefully

Look in the mirror to check the hairline that if there are residuals of the cleanser. This step is often ignored by people. Some women are always having pimples around hairline because ignoring this step.


Step 7:  wash the face 20 times with cold water

In the end, wash the face 20 times with cold water,  with the cooling towel applying face at the same time. It make pore tightening, promoting the blood circulation meanwhile. This is the end of the whole process of washing a face.

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