Can we do facial mask every day?


Myth 1, Applying mask every day leading to fragile skin

We might apply mask every day as looking at the mask instruction with the effect of whitening, moisturizing and removing spot. Just when you thought that the skin gets more and more whiter than ever, actually your skin als gets increasingly fragile. Applying mask too often is easy to cause skin sensitivity, redness and other adverse symptoms. So how to apply face mask in adequate frequency to achieve good effect, and not to increase burden at the same time?

Can we do facial mask every day? | PleasingCare 

2 ~ 3 times a week, beautiful and healthy skin

The beauty-specialist pointed out that common whitening and moisturizing mask should be applied probably 2 ~ 3 times a week; Medicine makeup class mask 1 ~ 2 times a week, which not only ensure the health of the skin and can play the most beautiful skin effect.

Myth 2, tesla mask need to be carefully used, and error using might be disfigured


For the effect of tesla mask , the crowd was full of praise, but the damage of the skin caused by tesla make make a mixed reception. In order to verify its merits, we had a test showing that the effect is really great with powerful skin cleaning effect. But the tight feeling after smearing and tearing pain that dare us not to try a second time. Long-term use of tesla mask can lead to big pores, skin allergy, even cause the skin flabby and pre-aging in serious situation. So in this case, we need to remind the girls that it must be careful in using tesla mask. More haste, less speed. The one with fast effect does not really have good effect.

Beauty experts‘s tips for the mask use :


1 To choose skin mask suitable for ourselves according to skin type, in order to make the best effect. In addition, we should notice the the mask using instruction carefully. It must be strictly used in accordance with the requirements on the instructions.

2 Having face mask must be choosing the right time. To apply the mask in the day time has much less effect than night time. The night is prime time of skin beauty, as the skin cells are more active and the metabolic ability stronger at night, which can make the mask or other skincare essence taking effect much fully. It can help the skin achieve a rapid ascension on the texture. So applying mask before going to bed in the evening is the best choice.

Myth 3: Having mask too long, making the skin terrible


Some time we go home after dinner, then apply a mask as siting in front of the TV for half an hour or more after washing a face, forgot having a nutritious mask on the face. When you are studying the ups and downs of the plot on the TV, your facial skin moisture is lost. Having mask too long is cannot achieve the effect you want, it will also makes your skin moisture loss. How long is the most appropriate time for applying mask?


15 ~ 20 minutes: nutrition is absorbed, the moist does not go back

Most mask using manual suggest clearly on the time, generally for 15 ~ 20 minutes. In this period, the skin can absorb the nutrients within the mask, and the moisture in the skin is likely to be reversed more than this time. In addition , you should also note that not to apply too long because of the nutrition is rich in the mask, in case of leading to skin sensitivity.

Can we do facial mask every day? | PleasingCare 

Myth 4: mask ingredients need to be distinguished, choosing the wrong one will go against the skin



Different mask has different nutrient composition. If we confuse the usage , it will not reach the ideal effect and also cause intense  simulative damage to the skin.


The whitening ingredients to distinguish

There are some plants or pharmaceutical ingredients having the value of whitening , such as angelica root, cynanchum atratum, atractylodes, radix paeoniae alba, ursolic acid, kojic acid salt, mulberry root of palm, balsam pear, Chinese yam rhizome, aloe vera, and so on . The hyaluronic acid, collagen, seaweed extract has excellent moisturizing efficacy, and we must distinguish according to nutrition as choosing.


And of course, this is just a small part of the component . If you are not sure as buying, you  can consult to the professionals. Some of the mask contains component such as vitamin C  in the lemon, glycyrrhizic acid. These kind of whitening ingredients can not be used during the day, which will form the spots under the stimulation of ultraviolet. Frequent use of fruit acid composition may irritate the skin and make skin appear red, desquamation, itching, etc.


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