GUIDE: The skin allergy when season change is an abnormal reaction . The body appear abnormal reaction to one or more substances . It can react to the environmental allergen , stimulating the body to produce and release some excess chemicals leading to various symptoms. Whenever climate transforming, some allergic crowd would occur the phenomenon of skin allergy. How to solve the embarrassing facial problems? Let’s lean about daily skin care tips for allergic skin.

The skin allergy when season change: solve the embarrassing facial problems | PleasingCare 

1, On dietary , you should pay attention to the nutrition balance with some milk, freshwater fish, bean products, fresh vegetables and fruit to enhance the immunity of skin . Avoid eating seafood that might easily cause food allergies, such as fish, shrimp and crab .


2, For the people usually allergic , they should be very careful when using some cosmetics for the first time. Skin patch test should be done in advance. If no response, they just can use it, otherwise can't. And they shouldn’t change cosmetics frequently. Meantime, the skin care products with too much spices and alkaline acid cannot be used. They can try to use some medicine products with simple composition and non-additive .

The skin allergy when season change: solve the embarrassing facial problems | PlesingCare 

3, Over caring and ignoring the allergy are both wrong. Excessive products and heavy routine for skin care is too complicated to be an effective way of anti-allergy. Doing nothing is also not working, because the lack of moist may cause serious desquamate. The lack of sun cream protection may make the skin rough and causing uneven color.


4, if you found yourself has sensitive response to the cosmetics, you should stop using and not deterioate your skin for immediate effect. If you need to wear makeup for certain situation, you can make a highlight-makeup by drawing eye line, applying mascara, coated with naturally bright lipstick , which also can you a wonderful makeup look.


5, Don’t use too hot water washing a face after allergic in order to avoid stimulation to the skin. And you can't use soap either since the alkali can aggravate the symptoms of skin allergies. Washing a face with a mild cleanser, and do not apply any skin care products. You can do some massage gently on the face with your fingers (better tapping lightly in case of dermatitis),Try to relax your facial muscles to promote blood circulation, which will also help to accelerate the healing of skin allergy.

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