Be careful of cleansing trap: Getting much more dehydrated as washing the face


Guide: Pleasingcare said everyone should form the good habit of being tidy. Cleansing naturally is the best way to get rid of the dirt. When the dehydration of autumn and winter comes, however, the face cleansing become a burden. No one dare to neglect the facial problem. We should be careful the trap of cleansing to avoid getting much more dehydrated as washing the face.

 Be careful of cleansing trap: Getting much more dehydrated as washing the face | PleasingCare

Trap 1: It is more cleaner to use foam cleanser

Foam cleanser usually contain surfactant and much alkaline components. Its strong ability in cleaning is suitable for oily skin, or special cleaning on triangle region for mixed skin. And if it is for neutral skin or dry skin, excessive use of foam cleanser in dry weather often can make the skin become more dehydrated, tight, sometimes accompanied with lightly itchy and desquamate. Experts suggest not to use cleansing foam cleanser blindly , and we should choose mild facial cleanser product suitable for us. Only in this way we can ensure that the very first step of cleaning will not damage our skin.

Be careful of cleansing trap: Getting much more dehydrated as washing the face | PleasingCare 

Trap 2: frequently use cleansing oil

The main composition of cleansing oil is oil and emulsifier. After using foundation, it is become easily and thoroughly as discharge makeup with cleansing oil. Although the cleansing oil can clean the skin deeply, there are still some people will have the pimple or inflammation. This is mainly related to the complicated  composition of cleansing oil. Many girls will use cleansing oil to remove make up every time, seemingly to be a good habit of cleaning thoroughly, which is not. For the girl’s with light makeup, makeup cream is more mild for their usage.


Trap 3: deep cleaning is to remove the cortex

Deep cleaning is to remove dirt and grease under the skin, and removing the cortex is to remove aged cutin on the surface of the skin with chemical or physical methods. Usually, we can use deep cleaning mask and face cleaning instead of cortex removing product to undertake deep-seated cleanness. Deep cleaning mask can break down dirt of pore deeply, but does not destroy the corneous layer like cortex removing product. Removing the cortex frequently will only skive the cuticle and do harm to the skin.


Trap 4: the more we wash the cleaner our face

Many people think that the more we wash the cleaner our face. Actually, it would damage normal secretion of sebaceous gland of skin surface if increasing the NO. Of washing. It shouldn’t be over three times a day of washing face even for oily skin since excessive cleansing will destroy the natural protective film of skin. It will secrete more oil to protect itself, which will lead to oily face increasingly.


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