Guide: Antioxidant can be described as universal care movement; the young skin can put the anti-oxidation into the daily cleaning moisturizing and whitening, whereas mature skin needs the high performance skin care products, such as the essence and essential oils and if you get a facial steamer that is very good for your skin,too. Many brands will label their ingredients, describe the antioxidant ingredient to be fairly well, how to choose the antioxidant products, how to do the ant oxidation correctly in different ages?

How to do the anti-oxidation in different ages | PleasingCare                                                                                                              

Young skin do the anti-oxidation=prevent aging


The young women’s skin in this age is vital, jut put the antioxidant ingredients into the facial toner and the emulsion, and you can get the basic antioxidant treatment. Using excessive antioxidant cream will make your skin worse.


Mature skin needs the essence for skincare


How to do the anti-oxidation in different ages | PleasingCare

25 years old is one evident division age, the speed for recovering the broken acne slows, large pores, sagging skin approaches slowly, do not be afraid, at this time, all you need is to select the antioxidant essence which absorbed by the skin easily. Vitamin C + Serum vitamin E combination is a very good choice.


Aging skin needs the essence for curing


Above 30 years old, there are more signs of aging, more obvious spots and stains obvious, significant skin laxity, at this time, just using anti-oxidant Serum will be unable to meet your needs, all you need is the targeted firm or freckle removing essence liquid, matching twice exfoliating every month, put the antioxidant skin care into every skincare step.


Antioxidant skin care products should be selected based on texture


For the antioxidant ingredients play on different roles with different strengths, so choose the products considering the "multiple types" and "water and oil balance"


“Multiple types”


Multiple types is with different antioxidant ingredients, such as lycopene, astaxanthin and other carotenoids ingredients, because the family of antioxidant mechanisms are the same, so add different members of the same family recipe will cause the formulation problems, but the free radicals in the body have the different shape, so the diverse ingredients can eliminate the different free radicals.


 “Balance oil and water”


Balancing oil and water is the skin care products should have the oil-soluble and water-soluble antioxidants, oil-soluble antioxidants can protect cell membranes, fat and other oily tissues, water-soluble antioxidants go deep into the cell sap, catch the free radicals. These two points should be taken into account, and then it can be the comprehensive multi-antioxidant skin care product.

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