Guide: Do you have skin care errors knowingly violate? It is the skin bad habit that you know but can’t correct. When it continues it will be total waste of skin caring. So please correct your way quickly instead of wasting time and energy. How many skin care errors you knowingly violate? Pleasingcare skin care expert will tell you.

How many skin care errors you knowingly violate? | PleasingCare 


Myth: Not using skin creams timely after bathing

The correct approach: to use moisturizer product within 3 minutes after taking a bath


The body is under the most clean state after bath, so it is the right time to apply moisturizing products before body moisture evaporates. The longer we keep our skin under the conditions of no protection with moisturizing timely, the easier it cause damage to the skin. So be sure to apply moisturizing products in 3 minutes after bath to build up protection network, otherwise there is no meaning of skin caring if delaying too long.


Myth: the longer we washes the better the effects

The correct approach: time of facial cleaning controlled in 1 minute


Facial cleaning can help to dissolved cortex and cosmetic make-up generated during the day, but long-time massage can only harm the skin but not skin caring. And many girls have the habit of cleansing 2 times a day. If you can’t control the time of cleansing properly, it will only dehydrate the skin increasingly. The best way to of cleansing is to the discharge makeup and cleansing face within 1 minute, which can completely clean up the face without damaging the sebum membrane of skin out of excessive cleansing.

common skincare mistakes | PleasingCare 

Myth: It can be cleaner if using facial scrub forcibly

The correct approach: To use facial scrub gently , and not over 5 minutes

It will only make your skin feeling more dehydrated ,losing elasticity and appear aging if using facial scrub too long. So make sure to command the key points of facial scrub usage. First of all, you can help your pores opened entirely with hot towel , and then use warm water for cleansing so that some of the cortex removed more or less. Then you can massage with the scrub gently , and cold water to make the pores contracted finally . This is the most effective method to end the whole process of cleaning.


Myth: the longer we put on mask the more absorption of nutrients we take

The correct approach: apply face mask controlled in 15 minutes


Generally speaking, the nutrients have been absorbed by skin after applying patch mask in 10 to 15 minutes or so , so it is not that the longer, the better. The moisture taken in mask itself can be evaporated into air , so it might take away the moisture on your face If you are still wearing it when it drys out. For the cream mask, the impurities in the air will be likely to stained our faces without removing timely, and produce a small rash.


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