Horror 3 seconds after cleansing: Anti-aging should be against the clock

Guide: Everyone knows that we need to apply toner and creams to lock up the moisture after washing a face, but there are differences between moisturizing immediately or waiting until it begin to dry out on the face. You must take care some skin care products. Skin moisturizing is urgent after washing a face within 3 seconds, since it will be ten years younger if you moisturizing . If we ignore the 3 seconds, our beautiful skin might become desert as well.

Horror 3 seconds after cleansing: Anti-aging should be against the clock | PleasingCare 

Within 3 seconds after washing a face, the moisture on the skin surface is loss fastly. We should complement and lock up the moisture timely to keep the moisture under the skin . In this way , our skin can be watery all day.


What happened to the 3 seconds after cleansing a face?

According to a professional beauty institutions’ researching, it found out that after the 3 seconds of washing a face, each function of the skin will be arrived at the bottom if not timely moisturizing, and the moisture will run out quickly as well as our beauty and energy. So the three seconds is known as horrible three seconds. After cleansing , the pores open and moisture volatile, it become the best timing of hydrating absorption. It means that seizing the opportunity can double the moisturizing effect .



3 moisturizing method


The south Korean artists introduced a "3 seconds moisturizing method" after “Horror" 3 seconds has been confirmed. Generally speaking, it means to apply moisturizing products after cleaning in three seconds. South Korea's ageless woman Jin Nazhu is a beneficiary of 3 seconds method. Through the field test, the original moisture content of skin epidermis is 50.1%, felling to 41% moisture content after facial cleaning in 3 seconds, decreasing to 35.8% after 1 minute. Therefore, the fastest time of moisture loss is in 3 seconds after facial cleaning, which makes 3 seconds moisturizing method sought after by many people in South Korea.


How to prevent skin dehydration after 3 seconds?


Good habits makes baby’s skin. A small action can change your skin condition. Making good use of 3 seconds after cleansing is the key step for us to make a good moisturizing.


  1. Choose moisturizing cleansing products


Choose moisturizing cleansing products for cleansing, try to use the one contains moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin, and amino acids to make the skin clean and not too dry. We should better use warm water to wash a face in the winter morning.


  1. Press on the face lightly after washing a face


After washing a face , we can’t just wipe the face randomly but press light on the place such as forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with folded towel. Just need to sip up the water . Finally , we can tap gently until the remaining water can be taken into the skin.


  1. Open your channel before skin moisturizing


Moisturizing toner and smoothing toner is not the most basic part of moisturizing . There is one more step to use the moisturizing item separately for opening up the channel of the skin,  to promote the absorption of the follow-up care products.

Horror 3 seconds after cleansing: Anti-aging should be against the clock | PleasingCare 

  1. The emulsion after cream to boost moist locking


The moisturizing lotion is absolutely not the so-called moisturizing products. It is only the last step of our cleaning. After the moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream or essence of powerful effect is indispensable.


  1. The most appropriate water oil ratio of moisturizers is 3:7


The most appropriate water oil ratio of moisturizers is 3:7 . Because water is need to be hold in a medium, such as moisturizing facial mask, essence or moist night cream, so that i can mix into the skin . So hydrating type of moisturizers is better to be lipophilic components (such as soft grease easily taken by skin, essential oil, biochemical components, etc.).


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