Attention for slimming, losing weight blindly will cause the loose bone


Orthopedic doctors often use a "silent disease" to describe the "osteoporosis", for there is no osteoporosis symptoms in the early period, gradually the body will be boring, such as back pain and other discomfort feeling, then there will be some osteoporosis symptoms such as pain bone, shorter body, tooth loss, humpback etc..

Attention for slimming, losing weight blindly will cause the loose bone | PleasingCare 

Some statistics data show that, women over 45 years old, one third of them will nearly be with different osteoporosis symptom; while women over 75 years old, the patient rate is over 90%. Experts believe that osteoporosis is closely related to lifestyle, if the young ladies lose weight blindly, it will lead to osteoporosis easily.


Recognition: osteoporosis is difficult to recover completely


We can understand the definition for osteoporosis like this: When the bone volume reduce, include the bone mineral and its proportion. The bone microstructure degeneration is caused by imbalance formation and bone organization absorption. That shows the trabecular bone structural damage, thinning and breakage. The bone fragility increases, the bone mechanical strength declines, and the risk of fracture increases.


The general clinical manifestations of osteoporosis are: pain. The most common symptoms of primary osteoporosis is low back pain, accounting for 70% to 80% of the pain patients. Pain proliferate along the spine sides, the pain will relieve when supine or sitting, the pain will get worse when stretching upright or stand and sit for a long time.


The patient with short body and humpback mostly appear after the pain. Everyone has 24 vertebrae, the normal vertebral height is about 2cm around for each, while the elder’s osteoporotic vertebral with compression, will shorten for about 2mm for each, the body length reduces 3cm- 6cm in average. Fractures, it is the most common and most serious complication for degenerative osteoporosis. It not only increases the suffering of the patients, increases the economic burden, but also limits the patient activities, and even shortens their life.

Attention for slimming, losing weight blindly will cause the loose bone | PleasingCare 

The respiratory function declines. With ages, the lung function decreases, if with thoracic deformity caused by osteoporosis, patients will often have the symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficult for breathing and so on.


Health Tips:


Once the symptoms come out, causing the body shape to change, for the people who cares about the beauty is a blow, with pain, mobility, fractures and other medical payment, it is a great burden for individuals, families and the community. At present, there is no safe and effective method in the medical industry to help the loose bones for restitution. Therefore, preventive care is very important.


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