How to choose the right lip balm

Types of lip balms. How to choose the right lip balm?


Cosmetics market is accelerating and can offer a wide range of new care, beauty and health products. Lip balms are not an exception.


Lip balms can roughly be divided into two groups:


- by their packaging types;


- by their purpose.


By their packaging types, lip balms can be packaged:


- as a lipstick

- in tin or plastic mini jars

- in tubes


By their purpose, lip balms can be:


 - nourishing. They are quite a necessity in a cold time of the year when the lips are exposed to the low temperatures, wind, UV rays which are reflected from snow.  

Winter is the time for switching on indoor heating systems, that is why this lip balm is a perfect fit for staying outside, while it does not make you feel comfortable in the office.


 - moisturizing. They are necessary for summer when the air becomes dry and hot, while the body gives its moisture to the body temperature control, that is why you can experience the feeling that your lips are too dry. Moisturizing lip balms are quickly absorbed so it should be applied more often. 


 - protective with UV filter. This type of lip balms creates a protective film on the lips which can prevent the lips from being weathered, dried, sun rays. These balms can be applied all the year round.  


 - medicated. Medicated lip balms should be applied with care because they are all medications. They have a therapeutic effect. Lips can be too dry, cracked, and be infected with herpes virus, that is why the medicated balms contain wound healing, antiseptic, and antivirus ingredients.