If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’re facing a makeup nightmare. As any regular makeup user knows, such disastrous situations are inevitable - makeup is notoriously tricky. So, nothing seems to be working. Perhaps you’ve even considered applying makeup remover to the stain but don’t want to risk further damage.

Whether it was a spill, drop, or just a stain that formed due to contact with makeup, it can be solved. Better yet, it can be solved without leaving a mark. But first, before tackling the issue head-on, it’s worth getting to know why makeup stains are so stubborn. 

The three primary makeup forms

  • Liquid – foundation, concealer, mascara.
  • Powder – eyeshadow, blusher
  • Oil-wax – lipstick

Each of these substances can coat clothing before seeping into the imperceptible holes in its fabric. This effect is particularly strong for liquid-based makeup, which effortlessly saturates most fabrics and holds tight due to its high oil content. However, once it has penetrated the material, the substance hardens, essentially cementing itself into a tough-to-remove stain. 

Interestingly, some powders can mimic spices in their ability to essentially dye clothing, with dark eyeshadow being the most common culprit.

How To Remove Makeup From Clothing With an Eco-friendly Twist | PleasingCare

How do I remove makeup stains? 

First, we’ll learn what not to do. 

Don’t: attempt to scrub or rub the makeup away. All this strategy achieves is pushing the product deeper into the fibers of your clothing.

Don’t: Put the stained piece of clothing into the dryer or subject it to ironing. Any unnecessary heart risks baking the product into the fibers.

Keep reading to learn the specifics of getting makeup out of clothes for three main types of products. 

  • Liquid stains 

If you’re fortunate enough to catch the stain before it sets, a quick “backstage” trick used by makeup artists might work. Take a makeup wipe, and dab at the stain before it can soak into your clothing. 

If this doesn’t work, wait until you can get your hands on some shaving cream. Apply one or two squirts directly to the stained area and let foam for 10 minutes before wiping away gently using a dry cloth. This widespread practice is most effective on recent spills, so don’t procrastinate! 

  • Powder stains 

While it’s tempting to wipe powder stains away, you’ll be left with a smeared stain that’s harder to remove. So instead, grab your hairdryer and blast the powder off the fabric.  

  • Oil-Wax Stains

For those tricky lipstick stains, a quick spritz of hairspray usually does the trick. Let the hair product dry for 10-15 minutes before rubbing the stain out using a wet wipe.

Note: this tactic only works if the hairspray contains alcohol. Alcohol-free hairsprays cannot remove stains. 

And finally, what about chemical-free stain-removal strategies?

These days, we're all trying to live healthier and go easier on the planet. But, unfortunately, some of the chemicals above can be harmful to both our well-being and that of the earth. So, a chemical-free alternative is the way of the future. Moreover, if we remove our makeup correctly, there's less chance we'll staining our clothes as we dress and undress.

Introducing the miracle-working sustainable makeup remover cloth

Pleasing Care’s reusable cleansing towel is made from ultra-soft microfibers that are scientifically proven to wick any dirt or oils away from the skin without causing damage. Its smooth, healing touch can prevent premature aging and act as an anti-wrinkle and anti-blemish agent, leaving you with radiant, healthy-looking skin. 

Moreover, the cleaning cloth is entirely multi-functional, meaning that you'll never have to buy chemical-heavy makeup remover again! Instead, this all-natural product just requires water to remove every last trace of makeup. From foundation to mascara – it can clean it all.

How To Remove Makeup From Clothing With an Eco-friendly Twist | PleasingCare

Its many stellar Amazon reviews speak for themselves. Just take a look: "I cannot believe it! Every once in a while, you buy something that actually lives up to its promises! This ubersoft little face towel takes off makeup--including stubborn eye makeup--in a couple of swipes without scrubbing at all. I don't know what makes it so effective; maybe it's made of millions of tiny little hands! but I am very impressed."

So, why not make makeup removal easy and treat yourself to an eco-friendly cleansing cloth today? Your skin, the planet, and your clothing will thank you for it.

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