Does your oily skin make you want to wash off your makeup and start all over again? Oily skin causes so many woes. It creates a shiny look in photos, makes pores look enormous, leads to breakouts, and makes your makeup run all over the place.

You might be wondering which makeup remover is best for oily skin, but there’s a better solution. You don’t need to wash it all away and start fresh mid-day. All you need are Pleasing Care’s Natural Bamboo Oil Blotting Papers.


Which Makeup Remover is Best for Oily Skin? | Natural Oil Blotting Sheets | PleasingCare

How Oily Skin Benefits from Natural Oil Blotting Sheets

First, it’s important to know how skin works. Your skin produces a natural oil, called sebum. Sebum is essential in keeping skin hydrated, soft, supple, and healthy. But with oily and blemish-prone skin, sebum is running out of control.

Believe it or not, those with acne often suffer from dry skin. Your skin will produce more of that nourishing skin oil to keep it balanced. However, the dry skin flakes away and gets trapped with the oil and acne-causing bacteria in your pores and causes breakouts. With makeup, there’s even more to get stuck in there. 

That’s why dermatologists recommend natural oil blotting sheets. You won’t need to wash away all your makeup just hours after applying it when your face gets too oily. Besides, too much washing will dry skin out even more and cause it to keep overproducing that sebum, leaving you with a greasy appearance.

These natural oil blotting sheets are made from organic bamboo. All you have to do is dab them onto your skin, either with or without makeup on. It won’t damage your skin’s essence nor will it dry you out. So you get prime oil control in a natural way to let your inner glow shine through without a greasy shine on top.

Which Makeup Remover is Best for Oily Skin? | Natural Green Tea Oil Absorbing Tissues | PleasingCare

And you won’t ruin your makeup either. These gentle and light papers, available in charcoal or green tea options, simply blot excess oil away without dulling skin to keep it shine-free. This premium paper feels clean and gentle to the touch so it won’t irritate your skin. Dab it on the surface where it looks greasy on your skin and you’ll have a photo-ready look without a smudged appearance.

Traditional blotting papers are made with nylon chemical fiber but Pleasing Care uses organic bamboo, a healthier choice for your skin. When you take control of that excess oil, it helps regulate your skin so it functions properly and prevents it from overproducing oil.

These papers are a must to throw in your bag for hot days so you’ll always look flawless or for going out after work to have a flawless appearance. Everyone will wonder how you manage to keep your makeup looking matte and fresh all day long. You can keep this secret for yourself or share your love for Pleasing Care Bamboo Blotting Papers. Try them in charcoal or green tea, each with the option for a mirrored compact that makes touching up to stamp out oil anywhere a breeze!


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